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Future of dirt bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, May 17, 2006.

  1. Couple of interesting designs from the Michelin Challenge Design Awards (full details and more pictures here and here)
    Certainly an intriguing design, be interesting to know just how well it'd work in the real world (the concepts were scale models). Definately an improvement over the old German Kettenkrad though :LOL:.

  2. I can't see it replacing quads any time soon. And certainly not 2 wheelers. Wouldn't come even close to being as quick, nimble, cheap to produce or have suitable suspension travel.
  3. I'd like to see it in muddy wet clay.
  4. Yyyyyyyyyeah.....

  5. oh i thought they were back scratches
  6. The Kettenkrad was actually built by NSU (the company that later produced the first rotary powered car), and used a 1500c engine sourced from Opel.
  7. I stand corrected.............
  8. Always wanted to play with tracked vehicles ever since seeing a 302 Windsor powered Bren carrier out in Longreach.
  9. It might be of military use, but it's hard to imagine it will become popular for recreational use.

    Imagine how expensive it would be to service th track and rollers.

    Nah wheels are way too entrenched.

    Industrial designers mastabating again. Like those two wheels stand up electric powered things, but worse.
  10. Which end is the front?
  11. I can imagine at one time people also thought that auto mobiles would never replace a horse either...
  12. Be interesting to see the concept tried out in something like the Paris-Dakar, most people thought the 2WD buggies would never work in that event and they went on to win. Okay tracks are a little more extreme but if it prevents them getting buried in the sand it could give them an edge.
  13. i cant see how a single track will be steerable effectively??
  14. Quote:" It is based on a bendable rubber track that guarantees maximum traction as well as freely changeable directions. To make the handling more comfortable and interesting, the vehicle is steered by hands and feet."
  15. ??? :shock: they look like your own personal racing snail!!!
  16. Damn right! I still think people should be made to walk in front of their car with a red flag.


    Seriously though, motor vehicle technology is very much entrenched. Heaps of good ideas come along but don't make it, not because the idea doesn't have merit, but simply because the exist technolgy is so prevalent.

    e.g. Rotary valves. Because we can make poppet valves so reliable and cheaply, then no large scale manufacturer would consider a rotary valve system, even if it has the potential for some improvement.

    There needs to be serious motivation to drive new concepts in areas with such entrenched ideas. This might be the price of petrol for example.

    I think to make a tracked motorcycle viable you would need a war or global flooding.
  17. An interesting question would be "is it a motorcycle at all?". What licence would you need to ride it? A motorcycle is at least partially legally defined by the number of it's wheels, and this one doesn't actually have any, at least not in contact with the road.....

  18. A Motortrackcle?
  19. Or a tankcicle?