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Future of bike design

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. and your feet would go where ?
  2. Naaah!

    Unnecessary stresses in the cantileverd tank/seat.

    That swingarm means the driveshaft would have a tight bend (surely it wouldn't be a chain drive)

    No suitable pannier mount points

    Where do you put your feet?

    Looks like a tadpole with a nasty parasite.

  3. in the future we don't need luggage :LOL:
  4. Looks kinda cool, but where the hell do you put your feet :shock: :?:
  5. Now now now, don't cast aspersions at this concept.

    After all it is "European design" and as those who know(?) keep telling the fashion challenged like myself... if it's "European design" it is good, cool and a must have.

    Me, I'm just a crude backwards Artless Aussie Bloke, I still don't like the latest "European styled" WRX, (IMHO a bastard cross between a Hyundai and a Corolla),
    or the latest fashion statement from Subaru

    Does this have any comfort, performance, endurance, strength, etc, etc, etc benefits over the current evolution path?
    Looks like another French payback for all the jokes they cop for being good at surrendering!

    Sorry to rant :oops: ...... but I just want Aus to get back to having it's own style and place in the world, without imitating or pandering to other countries ideas of aesthetics.

    JJ (ozzie ozzie ozzie......)
  6. from NZ. http://pooh.selwerd.nl:81/images/103t.jpg
  7. Rants are fine as long as you don't threaten to hit anyone (the french are an exception, every day should be flog-a-frenchman day), or insult Vic's status as folically challenged :wink: .......or, or, well, other stuff... :)
  8. That's not designed in any stretch of the imagination!!!!

    It looks like it "just happened", or Dr Frankenstien built it.

  9. :roll: that is fugly.. :LOL:
  10. I like.

    Clearly, it's not practical, but that's what concept designs are all about, right?

  11. haha, trust a graphic designer to make a motorcycle look gay

    must impress his poofta buddies.. lol