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Future Developments in Motorcycle Safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vic, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is the name given to combinations of sensors, communications systems and computer technology to combat traffic congestion and improve road safety. They are set to play an increasing role in the traffic systems of the future. Some aspects of ITS have direct relevance to motorcycle safety.

    ARRB Group, Australia’s leading centre for road and traffic research, is undertaking work on behalf of VicRoads to investigate motorcyclist’s views on some of these new options. We need to speak to motorcyclists of all ages, all skill levels and riding all types of machines.

    Riders are asked to attend a session for approximately 60-90 minutes. Each of the new technologies will be explained using pictures and diagrams, and motorcyclists will be asked for their views on each of the technologies – whether they themselves would find them useful, how they might affect their riding, and what possible problems they can see with them. Riders will be paid $50 for participating. Most sessions will be held at ARRB’s offices at 500 Burwood Highway, Vermont South. Sessions will be held most weekday evenings at 5.30 or 7.00 over the period December 7th to 15th.

    Anyone who is interested should phone Maryse on 9881 1513 between 9.30 and 11.30, or between 2.00 and 4.30, as soon as possible and before December 15th to arrange a time. Alternatively, you can e-mail Maryse.monk@arrb.com.au and leave contact details and dates and times when you can come, and we will call you back. Volunteers will be asked to complete a short questionnaire over the phone to help us allocate them to groups of similar riders.

    If groups would prefer, if they can provide a venue and at least six discussion group members of the required type, we can come to you during that period.

    We thank you very much for your interest and participation, and look forward to hearing from you.
  2. I suppose a congratulation is in order for VicRoads. At least they appear to be taking an interest in motorcyclists views and requirements. Obviously it is another thing entirely for them to actually adopt the research findings, but it is a start.

    If only poor old WA government would start considering motorcyclists.
  3. I would STRONGLY suggest people go along or first hear the options presented at these meetings before congratulating anyone.

    We have been asked not to reveal so as people go with an open mind to the sugesstions.
  4. hmmmm....sensors, communications, technology....
    ok, I'll keep an open mind. Until I find out it's all about "enforcement", that is!
    (just a hunch...)
  5. Yeah, because research paid for by VicRoads is always for our benefit and not there's. :roll:
    If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck .....
  6. Hey, it's a chance to get your $50 levy back 'eh :grin:
  7. I suspected as much. Yuck. I think I'll go just to have a sniff. And pinch fifty bucks.
  8. Good to see they are coming to an authoritative source of information!!! (check the truncated title)
  9. LOL at matt....I thought you would notice that :LOL:

    I have sent an email with my expression of interest. I like to think I'm as open minded as they come :p
  10. VicRoads can come and tongue my jocks.
    Sensors, communications systems and computer technology, shit how will any of that overcome the wire rope barriers that have infected our roadside like some noxious weed, this study is friggin disgrace and more money down the shitter.
  11. Well at least it's an opportunity to give them feedback.
  12. Come on Gomit, if George posted just ONE positive post, we would have the cops around at his place for fear he was being forced to post under duress.
  13. Re: Future Developments in Motorcycle Safety – Your views

    That's a good thing cos if it was written form many from here wont understand it :LOL:

    It is a positive and no doubt those who attend will update us once they escape from the session.
  14. I had a phone call about half an hour after I sent the email. Looks like initial sessions will be next Wednesday and/or Thursday evening. Maryse told me I was the youngest and the first girl to contact her :shock:

    I'll definately let people know what it was about.

    I'm all for participating in these things....its another way for us to be heard somehow (I hope...).
  15. Of course, a cynic would say this is all so that when they impose whatever draconian measures they have in mind, they can point out that there was extensive consultation with the riding community...
  16. I know, but I like to be optimistic.....you never know when you might be on a winner :wink:
  17. I got a call this morning, I will be doing the research thingo this coming wednesday at 5.30....anyone else from here booked in for that time/date?
  18. MOI
  19. righto then...what time do ya wanna meet up...and where?
  20. I'm at the 5:30 session today. Will be doing my best to get us oh so nice scooter riders preferential treatment. Bwahahaha.