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Future Congestion Charge and Motorcycles...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. We all know one day there will be congestion charges on entering the cities in Australia applicable to vehicles. The original version in the UK, London, exempts motorbikes. I can see planners here trying to include motorbikes, not exempting them. Who can we get involved, lobby, write etc to ensure motorbikes, scooters etc don't get charged?
    I feel this is something we should be ready for, not react to when they are announced....
    Peoples thoughts, suggestions? Or can anyone say this has been looked at already?

  2. think this may be one for the mcc.
  3. +1 for the mcc

    If there is to be a congestion charge at some point hopefully they will consider other models used around the world. Also given the Sydney City Council Motorcycle and Scooter Action and Strategy Plan I would imagine bikes and scooters would be given a better deal than if it were in the hands of the RTA.
  4. A worthwhile argument in favour of exempting bikes is provided by the London model. I've seen figures indicating that, on introduction of the charge, PTW use in the affected area went up by ~20% whilst PTW crashes went down by ~20%. By my back of an envelope calculations, that's a reduction in the PTW crash rate of 33%, a very worthwhile road safety result.

    Of course, it is likely to be ignored as it doesn't fit the current narrative that we only crash due to our own recklessness and incompetence.
  5. If anything the MCC should be pushing a policy for the introduction of congestion charges in all cities and justify their support of the matter on the basis that motorcycles should be exempt, thus encouraging their use to reduce congestion, pollution and accidents involving motorcycles & cars.
  6. Can't wait to see how the Ken Lay's and TAC business model analysts of this world reconcile the need for a CONGESTION charge with their strong discouragement of motorcycling. It's those idiots that are actually directing cities straight into congestion mode.


    I don't have access to youtube at the minute, but there's this amazing vid of a major (uncontrolled) intersection in Vietnam with mostly small cc bikes flowing through in all directions at the same time. Cars too - but I'd say 98% bikes.

    Imagine that traffic volume being FORCED to be all 4 wheeled vehicle because of stupid beige safetycrat political ideology. Sigh.
  7. we do? on what basis do we know this? because it's been done in one city outside Australia? do you have access to future city planning laws???
  8. screw that -- if it happens i really hope business and people get smart and decentralize from major cities
  9. Thanks hornet for adding to this thread. Bumped your post count up didn't it.
    How do I know? I'd say its being looked at very seriously by various govt bodies and committee's. As for showing you evidence why not instead answer my question as to whether this is ready to be responded to and has any motorcycling group considered the issue?
    Show me the proof they have. Show me.....etc etc. Otherwise save your fingers for more worthy threads, I want positive contributions here.
  10. My contribution IS a positive one; I don't have to prove it's NOT being considered, you should prove that it is, which, again, you fail to do.......
  11. So they charge for congestion AND for parking bunch of carnts
  12. Ever been in the boy scouts, know their motto?
    That's why I raise this issue.
    We all know its harder to be included in some policy or piece of legislation after its been decided/put in place than actively working to be included and contributing to it's planning in the first place.
    ex post facto and all that.....
  13. we need comment here from TonyE

    I understand the concern, but it's far more likely that motorcycles will be impinged upon by the 'cost of health-care' argument than by the cost of parking and road use. on balance the perceived benefits to the environment will not be able to overcome the argument based on medical costs incurred by injured riders, in my opinion.
  14. Lets be realistic, its a chance for the government to raise revenue under the guise of being environmentally friendly. Its a win win situation, so of course its only a matter of time.

    Its not like the government has demonstrated the ability to be reasonable in any other facet of road management, why would they suddenly start now?

    I too can see the powers that be choosing not to exclude PTW from the congestion charging. To not slap PTW with the extra cost would encourage bikes and scooters - and every previous action by our state gvt has suggested they are actively trying to discourage it as a form of transport.

    It is worth bringing this up now to avoid falling into the obvious trap of being treated like a car and taxed along with them. Otherwise it'll be the ctp thing all over again, except I can't imagine much public support for excluding bikes when drivers are getting slogged - who would inevitably perceive it as unfair.