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Futurama season six?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Which just got worse with each release (the last film was appallingly bad compared with the TV series).
    Certainly hope it was just the problem of trying to come up with ideas to fill a movie and that going back to a shorter script will improve the quality.
  2. Benders Big Score was great, but the rest were meh.

    Haven't even bothered to get the latest one yet.
  3. I always found about half of season 3 to just be hard to watch, season four was definitely better. The "into the wide green yonder" (Last movie) just looks.... tacky?
  4. The movies weren't that bad, the latest one is perhaps the second best of the movies (after Bender's score). Maybe I'm just a rabid fan who can't see no fault, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of futurama ever released :D!

    Salary Dispute Means New Voices For Zoidberg, Fry, Leela and Bender On FUTURAMA!! (clicky)

    Impossible. They just shouldn't bother. No Billy West or John DiMaggio....no Futurama, surely.
  6. Yeah. Thats like producing The Simpsons w/out Nancy Cartwright.
  7. Some suspect there is a Formula 1 style posturing standoff happening and that it will be resolved....we'll have to wait and see I guess.
  8. To be honest, they are such well-known voices with such a cult following, there are probably people who could do impressions of the voice actors for half the money and we'd never know the difference.
  9. I will do zoidberg for half of what they are willing to pay
  10. Really? Zoidberg? I would totally do Amy...for free.

    You're weird :?
  11. That would blow. Though this happened with the Simpsons before too and they resolved it, but that series had a wider audience.

    I wouldn't have thought any of these people (with the possible exception of Katey Sagal) would be commanding such big dollars elsewhere that they could push this too far. Plus they must have a big fan base because of Futurama, and one that would be less than kind to them if they walked.

    Good news that it's coming back.
  12. Billy West is one of the most sought after voice actors, starting off with Ren and Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain and heaps of other stuff. John DiMaggio is also very well resepcted and done heaps of stuff. I hope they resolve it...the eps would be better than the movie long ones they've been making...
  13. Yes, but this is surely a very signifigant gig for them. Of course each one likely has different personal reasons too, like where they live now etc.

    You'll still be reading the news but, won't you?
  14. lol...it took me so long to get that. Stupid swine flu slows the brain.

    Correct! I have agreed to read the news for a measley few hundred thousand :wink: