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Fuse blocks / Power hubs

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by icemaker, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. I just want to get peoples experiences and thoughts on these types of items and whether they are worth the cost.

    Most Ive seen are above the $100 mark and when you add the bits and pieces I want to buy and power (namely heated grips, GPS, USB charger, SAE connection) and the cost starts to get up there. In the past Ive just tapped the USB charger into the running lights and heated grips direct to the battery however I like how neat the setup will be with a power hub and relay setup.

    Any thoughts or first hand experiences would be great.
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    what sort of power hub are you looking at?

    there are some very nifty waterproof mini/micro relay/fuse boxes out now, such as those from Littelfuse and Bussmann
    Waterproof Fuse/Relay Block Panel Car Truck ATV UTV RV Boat 4X4 Marine w/ Relays

    Bussmann 15303-5-6-4 RTMR Rear Terminal Mini Fuse and Relay Panel

    they make life very neat, compact and waterproof... worth the cost? by the time you buy a few good quality relays+bases+fuse bases etc etc.. not that bad. good sealed connectors alone will set you back a pretty penny too
    much neater than even the piggyback fused relays, but it all comes down to how much space you have

    or you could go to a bike wrecker and nab some OEM stuff cheaper
  3. These guys are popular with the VStrom riders, they may have something to suit your bike.

    Eastern Beaver
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  4. I made one, not in a pretty box, but all covered and sealed under the seat, just a relay switching of the number plate light with power going to a distribution block. Then in line fuses for my USB and SAE outlets. I only use it to charge phone, heated vest batteries and camera batteries, not likely to have all charging at once. Suits my use and cost about $30 all up including outlets.
  5. Thanks for the replys gents, some good options there. I guess it would be a good start to find a spot and measure what will fit and go from there.
    I was checking out the fuzeblocks and Denali powerhub, a bit expensive but I like the always on / ignition on off option.
    Ill pop on one at weeks end, will chuck it up here when I do.
  6. What about the 'green' approach by generating your own dc power?
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  7. Why didnt I think of this. Power problem sorted!
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  8. Stick one of these on the front wheel, won't work while your doing mono's tho
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  9. A spanner has been thrown in the works!
    Just discovered that there is an accessories lead on the bike. Its just sitting waiting for something to be plugged in. I may not need a relay box now and Im thinking maybe just a fuse block will suffice. Would there be any issues going down that route? It would save some coin and a heap of space.
  10. The accessories lead will be fused as part of the bikes standard fuse block. Check the fuse box to see what size the fuse is. You probably wont have enough capacity from that connection to run heated grips, but GPS, phone charge should be OK.
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  11. is it straight from battery or relayed from ignition?
  12. Relayed from ignition. I havent checked the fuse size yet so im not sure how much i can load on it.

    Im thinking the same but i dont know enough about the electrical side of things. How would you know? Im assuming Id have to add up the amperage each device draws and check the service manual for specs/max load of that accessory outlet.
  13. Yes, you generally give yourself some extra overhead, fuses are temperature dependent and need to be derated at higher temperatures. Powerlet have some good information on their site

    Fuse Sizing - Learning Center - Powerlet Products
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  14. oxford grips something like 2A max each side, so 4A. but likely fair bit lower lower after they get to temp or at lower settings.
    if you charge an Isomethingorother, they prefer 2A chargers.
    GPS.. depends on model, but I'd be guessing 2A max.

    that's 8A right there.

    is not just the fuse, but also the size of cable. drawing 10A on a skinny cable can make it a bit warm.
    may be worth swapping cable if you will often draw lots of current

    check relay part number or Amp rating.. should be easy to change for higher rating if needed
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  15. PDM60

    We Beemer folk swear by them for adding the farkles.
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  16. that's inneresting... what's the real world benefit over "conventional" wiring like circuit breakers and mini relays?
  17. Start up delay and shutdown delay with programmable order of devices, you can adjust the amps supplied per device, small, neat, weatherproof and CAN-Bus compatible.
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  18. I saw those, very nifty but overkill for my needs. I've also seen similar units that can be controlled via an app on your phone. Might get one of these when I turn my panniers into a beer fridge!
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  19. I support that idea!
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