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Furygan Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jatznotsavoy, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. I had some Pounds burning a hole in an UK account from my time over there, and funds being scarce over here, I decided to invest in a proper jacket to replace my 15 year old, second hand, too big, leaky DriRider Extreme textile jacket. What were my criteria? I was keen on this d30 stuff, having seen it in some scooter gear, and it sounded like good technology. I did some looking and found Furygan were a lead partner in integrating this tech into their gear. As an added bonus, someone here mentioned that all Furygan gear is made in France, which seems to be true if you believe the internet. While I am not too fussy over where the gear gets made (I am the owner of some of Aldi’s finest), the idea of a room full of French people, wearing berets, bicycles parked against a nearby wall, garlic hanging from rustic looking walls, all while busily hand stitching a soon-to-be-mine jacket appealed over an image of a sub-continental sweatshop, with half clad foreign gentleman churning out jackets by the barrow load, sewing a different brand on each identical jacket. I also like the idea of having a jacket brand that is not commonly available in Australia.

    A look at their website, and I like the styling of their jackets, ranging from over the top back to subtle and almost retro in looks. Some of their gloves look great too, and may be the subject of future imports.

    I had been warned by some online chatter that Furygan sizing is on the small size, and various internet distributors seem to put size guides that only vaguely align to actual human bodies. One site would have me selecting a Small size, another an XL. My dimensions are roughly 5’10”, 80kg, 40” chest. Furygan’s own size chart had me at the top end of M and lower end of L, so I went with the L.

    A couple of simple questions via email to some Furygan distributors in the UK highlighted that lack of customer service exists, even over the internet. I was getting replies two weeks after the initial email was sent, and then all sorts of half answers.

    ‘Do you stock the Sidney jacket? My dimensions are…., what size do you suggest? How much? How much is delivery?’

    Two weeks later….‘Yes we stock the Sidney jacket’

    A week and some prodding later…’$XXX’

    A couple of days later….’Delivery would be $XX’

    A week later ‘You are a similar size to me, so the L would be the best size’

    Getting jack of this snail paced conversation about half way through (which I could have solved using the phone, but I grew up in an age when IDD numbers required a bank loan to be arranged before you called, so I am always hesitant to use this when email will suffice), I tried one last supplier, who scared me by writing back same day. I placed my order with them, even though their delivery charges were not that good (Helmet City if anyone wants to know)

    Cobbling together all the facts, I placed an order for a Furygan Sidney Textile Jacket (a sporty, close fitting but subtle and slightly retro jacket), and a Furygan Vince Leather Jacket (brown, retro, possibly also OK for casual wear)...size L.

    This was last Thursday night. They arrived yesterday (Monday). First Question…do they look as good in person as they did on t’internet? Definitely…first smile of the day.
    Second Question…Do they fit? Like a glove. With all liners in, they are snug, close fitting, with just enough room for movement, and a couple of light layers underneath if required. Glad I went up to the L though….
    Third Questions…What do they look like on? Well, after being used to looking like a student with cheap second hand gear, it is weird to see what a proper jacket looks like on. Makes me look like a triangle! – big shoulders, narrow waist.

    These are not cheap jackets, and while I could probably get cheaper elsewhere, at around AUD$460 for leather and $290 for textile (plus delivery around $180 – about the same as the VAT you don’t have to pay), it is a reasonable price for good leather and probably more than you should pay for a textile. Delivery is expensive but fast.

    Sidney Textile

    · Good quality, thick quilted padding, will be great for Melbourne winters. On it’s own feels a bit like a parka…
    · On, it has a slightly sporty stance, i.e. pre-curved arms, makes you look always ready, about to cut loose!
    · Heavy Duty main zipper, all other zippers are good quality but not as strong looking.
    · Remove quilted liner, and there is still a lot of jacket liner, makes me think it will not be so cool on a hot day.
    · Lots of press studs to adjust fitting in the arms, mostly when the quilted liner is removed.
    · 4 pockets outside (on the boobs and at the waist for pillions). Internal waterproof(?) pocket, plus a large mesh pocket and a smaller iPhone size mesh pocket.
    · Lots of CE d30 armour, all sitting where it should, and not much scope for moving around. Includes Level 1 CE back protection.
    · 8 inch and 360 degree zips for attaching to pants. Also has a couple of loops that you can attach to your belt if you choose to wear jeans

    Took it out for a quick spin, warmish day (25C) so no liner, OK on the freeway of course, but started to heat up in the sun when stopped in traffic. Not much flow through air. Looks good though!

    Here is a press piece for it that I found on the UK website.


    When I take out the Vince, will write some more…
  2. Glad you like your Furygan jackets. I'm very happy with my 'Forty' jacket.
    I got caught out in a thunderstorm yesterday for about 30km. It's not supposed to be waterproof but it kept out the worst of it.
    You're right that the cut of Furygan is on the trim side. A contributor to a US forum complained that Furygan does not fit well with the 'American physique'! I'm 182cm / 70kg and I opted for L which leaves enough room underneath for a light fleece. I'm not fussed about getting a skin tight fit anyway.
    It's amazing that these jackets don't seem to be available in Australia. Still, enjoy your jackets and their exclusivity.
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