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Furygan AFS10 Gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by ebf00, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Furywho?

    First time I saw these was when I was in Thailand, advertised at a Bangkok bike shop. They're actually French, and I think pretty damn good.

    I needed a gauntlet style glove for the track, and these fit the bill. Nice long protection comes a good way up the arm. The glove is closed off by two pieces of velcro that wrap around each other forming excellent protection along all those precious veins in your wrist. There's another velcro adjuster around the wrist to make it feel nice and snug.

    Leather quality feels great. Soft goat leather. There's a palm slider (on the palm, obviously), though it's slightly smaller than I would like. Heaps of protection on the knuckles, with the usual hardened plastic/carbon also doubling as an air intake. Clever.

    There's additional carbon along the fingers and the sides of the arm. All up a very protective glove.

    My only real criticism is that venting could be a little better. My hands did get a bit sweaty in summer, but nothing too outrageous.

    So, where to buy? Well, not too many places unfortunately. I've not come across these in Australia, so online is your only option.

    Check out Ebay, DiscountMC, or SportsBikeShopUK. Sizing for me was pretty standard compared to other glove brands.

    pres_Gants-ete-Furygan-AFS-10-1. [​IMG]