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furthest you've had to push a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shaneusername, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Today my gpx250 died (not to worry i get my opens on the 27th next month so i can upgrade..) 3.5km from my house so my best option was to push it home, so i was wondering whats the furthest a bike has been taken by foot? and i can imagine for some of the heavier bikes its even more fcuked but sometimes its really all you can do.
    Interested in hearing stories from people who have dealt with similar situations.

    And i just wanted to get away from all the bullshit for an hour or two and enjoy my bike since it was finally a nice day that i didn't have to work FFS!!! :evil: Argh.
  2. 20 metres down the drive i think :p

    pity about your ride though...go again tomorrow
  3. 100m up hill from sandy bay road to nile avenue because the battery died... :roll:
  4. 10m after running out of fuel. :LOL:

    Pushed the VTR to a Kennards Hire where I bought top-up fuel in a jerry can $7 for 5L !
  5. About 2km when my bike ran out of fuel to the closes servo. Met a non-english speaking gentleman about half way, tried to explain to him what had happened, no luck.
  6. Pushed a zzr250 roughly about 2-3km in the heat and then had to walk 8km somewhere else.

    Pushed a zx7r like 500 meters up hill cause i ran out of petrol in a drift(spun the rear out going around the corner and then ran out of fuel).
  7. [​IMG]

    Nearly 900 metres, working off the scale.
    It sucked.

    Thanks split fuel-line!!
  8. Bike wouldnt start one night after training, so it was either push to my house which is closer but up hill, or to my sensei's house which was 2km's, flat road though. Thought we'd make a little bet out of it. Brother, dad and I said to my sensei that we could get it back to his place within 20-30 mins. Worked up a bit of a sweat that night! Got the bike to 14 kph hehehehe.
  9. Had my bike's battery die in the city a while ago. The only place I could find to hill start it was an underground parking station, so I asked the guy if I could use the ramps to try to push start it.

    I ran it down one ramp (now 1 level underground) and it wouldn't fire, so I ran it down the next level (2 levels underground now), still no joy, so I ran it down the third ramp, still no joy.

    So now I've got a 200+kg bike that won't start, 3 storeys underground, and the carpark manager has gotten back from wherever and decides he doesn't want me there. So with no help from the carpark staff (i think they were having a great laugh), me at the end of my tether ready to just torch the fecking thing, I push it up 3 levels of the carpark, all the while hoping to hell there isn't a car just about to come down the ramps...

    'Twas a good night. :?
  10. Too far!

    About 2 weeks ago, warmed my bike up, turned it off and went back inside for 10 mins cos it was too early to leave for work. Went back out and I'd left the ignition on :oops: .. yep flat battery! So decided i'd have to push start it. I have quite a steep driveway going down with quite a sharp turn at the end so I was worried about ending up in the bush on the other side of the road. :shock: I thought I'd get it to the end of the driveway and push it up the little hill and turn around and roll it down the hill to start it. Well I got it down my steep driveway (about 10 metres long I guess) but then I could push it no more! I had no hope of pushing it up the little hill or even up the camber of the road! Stuck! :mad:

    So there it stayed until my mechanic friend came and saved me. And yeah I was late for work. :?

    I truly hope I never have to push my bike any distance.. and it really sucks only being 5'!
  11. On my old SR250 I was going to go from Heapburn Springs to Milldura. I had left an entire day for the trip.

    I did all my checks, Air tires, spare can for extra fule (there were a fiew hops I wasn't likely to make between some of the towns)

    About 100 K later I streightened up out of a corner and the engine siezed.
    It didn't click to pull in the clutch, so I just road it out and gently pulled it across to the side of teh road by the time I came to a stop.

    Dropped it into nutral and Pushed the bike about 5k till i found a farmer with a Ute. He backed up to an embankment I rolled the bike onto the Ute and he took me into the next town.

    Mechanic there confirmed it was siezed. Luckaly he was doing a night corse at ballarat school of mines, so he took it in with him the next week.

    You don't get helpfull people like that in town.
  12. We did a Reefton ride a couple of months ago.

    Bike died half-way between the start and finish of the twisty section. Others tried to help and it was decided to Abandon me there..... They said, push it a couple of km and then it will all be down hill.... I pushed the bike 3km..... Up and down hills. :evil: :evil:

    it was 36km from the closest help and there was no mobile coverage......

    I ride a GSX1400... :shock:
  13. I've paid $35 to RACV for road side assist.

    I'm not pushing my bike anywhere :cool:
  14. Years a go I was out bush on my KDX200, when it ran out of fuel, (normal & then reserve) & had to push it 4.5kms through the bush & along the highway to the closest servo... it was a very long day.
  15. 4.5 km. In Tasmania. In the middle of winter. Bike=RG250, light but was not fun either way.
  16. pushed my beta techno a few kms once
    and another time it died so i made a tow rope out of hessian strips and pulled it with the stunt bike

    was fun times
  17. I pushed all 240kg of my 800 Suzuki cruiser 5 km home when the clutch adjustment ran out . Don't ask what I was doing to cause that!.

    The clutch can be adjusted with the supplied tools IF you can get the cover off, which requires tools NOT in the supplied tools.
    Then it takes 2 minutes.

    From Bayswater to Ferntree Gully - most of the hills are gentle UPHILL.
  18. about 20 meters. I had a flat battery, and parked across the road from a bike shop in Adelaide City, so i pushed it thru the intersection, using the pedestrian crossing (getting some odd look from onlookers :p) , then the guys at the bike shop push started it for me :)
  19. I've pushed my YZ 125 many of km's over the years. It always seems to run out of petrol right when I am down the furthest paddock away. Once I pushed it for about 1hour on a 40degree day. It really wasn't that far to push it but I just had to keep stopping and resting on my bike cause it was so damn hot.
  20. Cheers guys makes me feel better knowing other people have been through it as well and know the pains good stories too, keep em coming!