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Fuoco 500

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Speedy, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else found instances of a Fuoco 500 understeering dangerously in wet weather? I had one lose the front end 3 times on one ride in the recent wet weather. the service manager of where I used to work made the comment "yeah they're dangerous in the wet", and a customer who is very scooter oriented (owns 5) made the comment that they are known to badly understeer.

  2. That's odd... I rode the balls off a couple of the 250s in the wet and the traction was bloody marvellous.
  3. I've ridden the 250, the 400 and the 500. It's only the 500 that displays this odd characteristic. I suspect maybe the extra weight?
  4. I remember, back in 2006, when the 3-wheeler system came into production, they said that 400 (or was it 250?) is as far as it would go, because the physics of the whole systems made them dangerous in bigger/faster bikes.

    Reason: Too much weight and too much power on the back wheels, so the front doesn't have enough grip to keep it steady.

    I guess the last years they changed something to come up with the >400cc models. But if your front tyres have too much air pressure and have done more than 10000k, then you might witness less grip..

    Add in the pot the fact that riding a 3 wheeler makes you more aggressive and more reliant on the system for turning, forcing you to take more chances.. :wink:.. which is the cool thing about the bike :LOL: