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Fuoco 500, Sholder Tap, Monash FWY (14 - AUG - 2008)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by romeo357, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Probably a bit cryptic but while riding home today I was stopped behind some traffic on the Monash FWY and a guy tapped me on the sholder and gave me a Wilson parking ticket with his user Netrider UserID on it.

    I can't personal message you because I need to make seven posts first.

    Anyway is there anything you would like to know about the Gilera Fuoco 500ie.?

    Cheers Meg
  2. Hey Meg, pop over the 'Welcome Lounge', say hi, tell us a bit about yourself, make a few replies and before you know it you'll have the post count.

    You ride the Gilera? Or the other person?
  3. Wasn't me, but I loves me them thar tiltin' three-wheelers.

    Is the Fuoco as awesome as I'd expect after having ridden the 250cc MP3?
  4. Yea the Fuoco is different.

    I like it a lot although it could do with a bigger fuel tank, I don't think they had Australian distances in mind when they sized the tank.

    What is difficult for me, is that because its my first ride, I can't compare the Fuoco to anything else so I find answering peoples questions difficult to put into context.

  5. the fuoco has a bit more grunt so in the wet you can do awsome fishies :grin:
    I kinda prefer the 250 as it is a little bit more agile and has the best out of the box storage.
    but the fuoco is cost effective for custom paint jobs. did one in Ducati pearl white and thinking of the next one in a urban camo colour
  6. So I have to ask - if this is your first ride, are you on your L's? If so, are you just hoping that you don't get pulled over for riding something larger than 250cc until you get your full license?

    I see a Fuoco 500 parked outside my work with L plates every day and have wondered about this....
  7. One word. LAMS.
  8. SShhhh dont tell them cejay
    they will all start getting bigger bikes :)
  9. Ah that's right, LAMS is from 1st of July.. I got my L's in Feb. I knew there some some reason I couldn't get the Scarabeo 500 at the time!

    Thanks :)
  10. Love the look of the Fuoco, trying to convince my wife that she should get one when she gets her licence. How do you find the scooter handles for a new rider?
  11. Yea good.

    Its a bit heavy to maneuver about, but easy to get on and off the stand.

    Throttle is quite slow and you have lots of easy control in traffic.

    You will have to change your grip and grab a whole lot of throttle if you want to go fast.

    It has that party trick of locking the front wheels, and you can engage the lock just before you stop.

    My advice is to engage the lock after you have stopped and both feet down.

    Storage is ok, I am going to get a top box when I get around to it. It does the freeway speeds easily enough and does not get blown about beyond what a little counter steer can't fix.

    It also does all the normal two wheeler stuff like counter steering and leaning etc.

    Basically I use mine as a daily ride of about 600Km per week.

    I think I am up to about 3000 now, I have no complaints about the machine other than the tank is a little too small for Australian distances.

    It will be interesting to see how it will be in a few years time.

    I think if they were to bring out a 800+ cc version I would trade up to it when I was legally allowed to ride it.

    Cheers Megan
  12. I know it's not a scooter (but then the Fuoco isn't really either), but the Aprilia Mana is an 850cc V-Twin semi-automatic bike. Basically you can have either fully auto or use clutchless push button changing.
  13. A change of locale may force me to upgrade one of my Scooters and the Fuoco 500 may fit the bill.

    Any idea of fuel economy now that it is run in?


  14. Next week I will take some proper notes.

    And do a proper analysis.

    Cheers Megan