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Funny Video - Ride to work day UK

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ultram, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. I thought this was pretty good. Hope you do too..

  2. Heheh.. Different, but a good point being put across.
  3. Showed up before under "What the TAC would show us if they had a sense of humour." Still good, but.
  4. Ahhh, bummer, I did look in Multimedia before I posted... missed the other thread in General.
  5. I find it hilarious the boyfriend/partner is on scooter and she's on a bike. She's hawt too!
  6. Mums not too shabby either... oh wait ...where are my glasses
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  7. wonder if that stat applies here... 306 hours is a fair amount to save a year.
  8. I commute 4 days a week into the city for uni and work. The bus I need to take to work takes 1 h 20-40m, bike into city takes 40-45. It adds up quickly

    Keep in mind UK commuters have very long commutes and long distances to travel.. From what I've heard, it's not uncommon for 2 h commutes
  9. I'm saving 1.5 hours (round-trip) each day commuting by motorcycle, so at 240 "work days" a year, thats 240 * 1.5 = 360 hours a year.

    So it can definitely still apply here in Melbourne.