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funny vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by adnan12, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. I uploaded a little video clip for everyone. Click on the link.


    "At least I tried....you know" :D
  2. is it work safe?
  3. At a guess, I'd say no. The content filter at work blocked it.
  4. seems to be work safe from what I've seen. Probably all the (jamster) ads got blocked from your filter at work
  5. Its work safe... and frigin funny :LOL:
  6. Ah, it's the one where a guy on a purple bike takes off way too fast and the bike takes off from him. It's been shown (semi recently) in here from someone else. So if you've seen it, you know what to expect :)
  7. "At least I tried".... :LOL:

    The owner of the bike was bloody good about it. But I guess if you let someone who's never ridden and is scared ride your bike, you better expect bad sh!t to happen.