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Funny TV commercials - show us your best

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. There's a few I've seen and love

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  2. Not a funny one but this ad for the Guardian Newspaper is excellent.

  3. lol what the hell
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  4. this was my fav dare iced coffee ad- really slick edit and funny as.

  5. and i would nod you blokes but i dont know wtf happened to the nod thingo? cjvfr that is an epic ad.
  6. Nods and post counts have been disabled in the pub
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  7. Here is a motorcycle related one. :)

  8. If only he had his time over :)

  9. a strange mix of creepy, scary and funny.
  10. :) Like the Panda ads.
  11. This always makes me laugh hahaha

  12. This one is still my favourite. I love how the dude pushes his gf in! :D
  13. hahaha @ the panda, thats tops
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  14. fuuuck i hate that ad
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  15. haha

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  16. #18 ParkerMax, Apr 10, 2013
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    What the fcuk simon.
  17. The German Coastguard