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Funny TIN

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MADAZ_ROTARY, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Tonight "cruising" home from work i noticed the red and blue flashing in my mirror :oops: . First thoughts were damn i knew the pipe would get me in shit (pro circuit full system with baffles removed), then i thought maybe i gave it to much from the lights (im only using a push bike speedo which isnt backlit so at night i guess my speed until i go under a street light :LOL: (my new speedo arrives friday so safety nazis bite me).

    Anywho they both get out of the car so i turn the bike off and wait, next thing i hear is dont worry you have done nothing wrong :? The female srg comes up and says you tail light is out (but brake light still works) which i said ah shit sorry didnt realise (which i didnt).

    Anyway she asks for my licence etc and goes back to the car and the other officer comes up and starts talking bikes and about his gixxer1000. When the female officer comes back she goes i have writen you a ticket but only issuing a caution, the reason is you took off very quick from the lights and your tail light is out but you did adjust your speed before we turned on the lights (red and blue) and pulled you over. so anyway i say thanks and gear up and find the closest back street and hammer off home.

    So i just got home rip of the gear and pull the TIN out of my leather jacket and read what she issued the caution for. It reads "Drive
    WITH consideration for other road users" fcuk me i was pissing myself :LOL:

    So from my 15 minute pit stop with the fuzz i have learnt to stop getting pulled over i need to stop showing consideration for other road users :LOL:

    Anyway just wondering if anyone else has got some funny tickets/cautions :?:

  2. No, but reminds me of a hilarious detention slip my friend got a few years ago for 'disobeying a direct teacher's order by licking a goat's brain'

    :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Is there actually an issue with that? (There's no implication that they considered you were actually speeding, from what I read.) I always give it stick! Puts a buffer between me and the traffic, and moreso, it's damn fun!
  4. I think they can't do much unless they decide to do you for street racing, but they generally wont since that involves taking the vehicle...

    That wont stop them from pulling you over to talk shit to you about it.
  5. I dont think there is an issue with taking off quick (as long as you keep the front wheel on the deck, dont wheel spin, arent lined up against a mate/other road user, and you dont brake the speed limit). I was probably breaking two of those rules :LOL: I didnt do it as a hoonish activity but the little tard takes off quickly and with too much gas it will loft the front in 1st and 2nd.

    I dont think they actually saw me taking off (as they came out of a side street) but they would have heard me giving it some in the first 3 gears then back it off to drop down to the speed limit. Anyway the cops were nice so dont get me worng this isnt complaining about being pulled over i was more LMAO about the wording mistake on my caution (and in part the fact i got a caution :shock: :grin: )

    I think i might send the ticket to rove for "what the" :LOL:

  6. If it doesn't have any points or $ amount on it I'd keep if off TV and call it a happy escape :)
  7. if they want to push it, there is something about 'accelerate aggressively' or similar.

    Good news on the bike/police public relations.
  8. They can always get you with dangerous driving, but they don't like to pull that one out because it's hard to prove in court.
  9. I think there is an "undue acceleration" ticket in Qld. Not sure though.
  10. hotcam i was joking about sending it rove, im happy with getting away with something for once (even though i didnt really do anything wrong) :wink:

    Anyway the cops were good and doing there job and im glad to see down here atleast it doesnt seem to be revenue raising more for road user safety (touch wood)

  11. yeah sounds like they were pretty reasonable. Which is what policing should be about - helping the community.

    They could have given you a ticket/defect for the taillight but its good that they brought it to your attention and let you be on your way.
  12. you do notice it says drive right? not driving, in other words it's a warning to drive with more concideration to other road users
  13. Yeah, that's how I read it, too. It's not what you did wrong, it's a suggestion of what to do right.
  14. Not in NSW there isn't
  15. I'd send it in for a credit! :LOL:

    Too bad such a system doesn't happen, rewards for being a decent driver.....I think more than a few people would do it to amass points, and there you go, you'd have much more courteous drivers around.
    Of course, I'd amass 20 points and blast down Clyde mountain!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. That would be a great idea, Andrew. The roads would be much safer if that were the case.

    As for the TIN; it would have been better if the female cop left her phone number on the bottom. :grin: (there's something about a woman in uniform...)
  17. Nah mate i would have rather spent the night in the slammer for the night than exchange numbers witht the female cop last night :p She wasnt exactly what i would call good looking or even close to looking female :LOL:

    The caution was for for "Drive without consideration for other road users" she just stuffed up i would say. they cant caution you for doing something good lol (which is what drive with consideration for other road users would be)

  18. no your still miss reading it, if had said driving with concideration for other road users it would be what you thiunk it is, but it was drive with concideration for other road users...

    can you spot the difference?

    what she wrote is a warning telling you to have more concideration
  19. Mate, They may have just saved your live. I'd be grateful for them pulling me over and telling me about no tail light. It's hard enough for a bike to be seen at night with a single tail light, let alone without one.
  20. Mate i had no problem with them pulling me over for the tail light, i even thanked them (as i know how dangerous it could be) i was more amazed about the caution.

    i spoke to a cop (my mates dad) and he recons the ticket should have been writen as i said, who knows :?: his reasoning being that a caution is an offence that they have decided not to add a financial/points penalty, so what ever the offence is it needs to be a valid charge :?