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Funny thing happened on the way to the office!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bond Girl, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Cruising down the Sth Gippy Fwy in a rare open space nothing in front for about a km & nothing in my mirrors, then I saw it out of the corner of my right eye - a shadow! Car was totally in my blind spot only way I knew it was there was the shadow on the road. Just another reminder of why a head check is sooo important! In this case I wasn't changing lanes but enjoying the cruise sure gave me something to think about tho cause on an overcast day there would have been no shadow!

  2. Where did the car come from?
  3. Always good to regurlarly headcheck.

    Personally I reckon it's more important than checking the mirrors...
  4. If you're doing it all correctly, both mirrors and head checking, there should never be any surprises.
  5. I generally only do a head check as I'm preparing to change lanes but I am constantly checking my mirrors so that I can see who's around me.
  6. I try to constantly scan who's around me even though I have no intention of changing lanes to try to avoid any surprises.
  7. That's the funniest part of it cause I do check my mirrors constantly but I can only assume he was travelling in my blind spot for some time as I had no idea he was there!
  8. Don't rely on your mirrors, I'm sure all the handbooks have written about blindspots, do your headchecks even if you aren't changing lanes and this is more important as a biker.
  9. Correct Minna I always do & this just reinforced why I always do & so thought it worth mentioning as a heads up for the newer riders! Don't assume cause when you do you make an ASS out of U and ME!
  10. Just a thought, :-k
    it might have been an unmarked police car.

    Could have pulled out from it’s perch, with lightning acceleration.
    And police are experts at driving in ppls blind spots. :x

    I may be paranoid,
    but when a vehicle comes outta nowhere i keep myself in check. O:)
  11. I had the crap scared out of me last night . Coming off the western ring road theres a gr8 sweeper joining onto the princess . Any way , just hit the sweeper and this car wanted to have a go , you guessed it , i gave him a go ( now i know i was stupid but the hormones took over ) by the time i hit the princess i was doing 220 clicks . Now thats all fine but a couple of minutes later i see these light flashing and getting closer . The first thing i thought was , well there goes my riding days for a while . With my heart beating at 1000 beats the flashing got closer . Enough for me to see it was just an ambulance . Guess what i wont be doing for a while .

    Sorry about hijacking ur thread Sue .
  13. Speaking of this visibilty of mirrors (is this going off topic if so i apologise) doeas anyone know of something that will move my mirrors out by at least 1.5 inches, being broad i have my elbows taking up a damn good amnount of mirror
  14. Hi has any one used those little blind spot mirrors, I had one but it dropped off. Was really good for checking the blind spots on both side of the bike. Only cost a couple of bucks too. Save me one time when I did a head check and couldn't see any thing ... looked in the little mirror and there was this car ... wow ... would never have seen him otherwise.

  15. Depending upon what bike you have you can buy Mirror extenders, or if thats not an options I'm sure you can knock up something similar or perhaps get the bar end mirrors.
  16. Ahhh I had this problem on the babyblade as well did my housemate. We both found that with the slightest tucking of the wrists to a more straight-on position you can see out of the mirrors. If you hang your elbows outwards (in a naturally more comfy posi) you wont see jack!

    It is correct posture to keep the elbows tucked in right? Once the adjustment and we could see out our mirrors, it seemed / felt like we were sitting more correctly.
  17. Bladewar, I feel your pain in also possessing crap Kawasaki mirrors.

    I bought a couple of convex stick on mirrors for the bottom outside corners of mine. They've taken some getting used to, but do the job very well.

    They're 50mm diameter, and think cost about $2.80 each from Big W. Wouldn't hurt to get some and give them a try, but make it a good try. If you don't like em, take them off and throw them.

    Its a cheap and easy first option if you ask me. :)