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Funny thing happened on the way home tonight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. 1st of not sure if your a netrider or not ( red spada 'L's with yellow striped jacket, on monash outbound around 5.30 ) but you were doing well with that dickwead in the van tailgating yah :evil:

    Yeah I could see what he was doing from 300mtrs away, as I was um ..... filtering my way home :twisted:

    So 1st chance I got ( without freaking said learner out ) I slipped around and made a nice little buffer zone........ big bad van didn't want to tailgate me on the FJR , he backed off a good two car lengths and stayed there! Pitty bc I wanted to play. :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    Traffic opened up and van went one way and learner went off on his/her own so I resumed mah "filtering" :twisted:

    Filtered for a few more K's till I came up on several bikes sitting with the traffic .... the guy on the R1 gave me the 'wurly' sign and pointed up to a M/Bike cop about 400 in front of us :?
    I nodded 'thanks' and kept going, my filtering sedated a little though
    :LOL: got almost level with said cop who I know saw me in his mirror ....
    Why do I know ? BC I made eye contact through said mirror, He then gestured towards the sky, then gave me the "thumbs up sign" indicated and turned onto the Furntree Gully exit.

    And I have to agree with him TWAS a great day to be on two wheels !

    :) :cool:
  2. Ha ha ha ha... thats great!!! good on you for helping out learner too :) always a good idea :) love it how the cop did charades with you :) prolly cause he has had to ride in rain last few days or something he he...
  3. Good on you VTR.
    As an "L" plater myself it’s good to know that we try to lookout for each other out there.
  4. My trip home was over 70km of mostly twisties and bends this afternoon, instead of 15ks of roundabouts. :?

    Being such a fine day, I decided it would almost be criminal to pass up the opportunity for a ride. My boyfriend's off at a gun safety course until 10 tonight, so I was in no rush to get home.

    So I took one of my favourite rides.

    Stop 1 is Uriarra Crossing. the road leading up to it is very tight, steep and bumpy. The road surface is in need of re-doing. (where's joel when you need him, eh??).
    Stop 2 is Cotter Reserve. There used to be a pub there before it was destroyed in the bushfires. The carpark for it always has, and still is, used by bikers as a communal stopping and chatting point. I didn't stop there, but carried on.

    My excitement was after Uriarra Crossing and before Cotter. I went WAY too hard (for me) into a 35km/hr corner and had my foot brush the rough stuff. :shock: :grin: :grin: I got wide, hitting the double lines at one point, but made it through okay.

    I also nearly hit two Rosellas and saw a roo cross the road. That made me slow RIGHT down. I hate roos. :)
  5. Nice guys.

    I wish I could ride but the bike is still undergoing repairs.

    I wanna ride with you guys!!!
  6. You're not wrong there, mate. I went over to the Island today with a mate. We took his caravan over to set it up for the weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect. I had ridden to his house then jumped in the car. Having a countery in the pub, we were watching a few bikes trundling around the joint. As early as Tuesday Cowes was starting to rock, it seemed. I was wishing that I followed him over on the bike. Or better yet, ride there the fun way and meet him there.

    Dozen madder. That'll come on Friday.
  7. Weather in Melbourne??? It was 17 degrees after 7 o'clock when I was riding down to Boronia for the coffee night. And splendid riding up and back to the Bol d'Scooter at South Morang. Roll on more Melbourne weather, is all I can say.

    Very interesting riding by two or three riders on the Eastern, and driving too; you guys all complain about speed cameras and stuff, but no-one does 100 on that road!!! Wow!
  8. VTRBob: top work man.

    tailgait p$sses me off :evil: ... only been riding for a month (full licence car) and its obviously clear that some people need to be re-educated about the dangers involved when tailgating a motorcycle...

    hornet600: Today's max: 21°C Fine.

    was a really nice spring day here. rode into uni and home. then when on a 45min ride up through warrendyte and into ringwood before i had other things to do. had my visor up most the way just enjoying the ride and the sun.
  9. I have very limited road experience (6 days). I need to quickly learn how to cope with traffic. Guys like you are great for us L platers. I hope one day that I can be good enough to help out another Learner like you did.
  10. VTRBob, that is one small step for bike kind. Thumbs up for looking out our fellow bros and sis.
  11. karma.

    the good kind \:D/
  12. Vans are nasty.

    I seem to recall one losing it's mirror when it endangered Fluffy Donkey's life.

  13. I thought this was a follow-up to Bob's fly-zipper in his leathers breaking :LOL:
  14. The Eastern is usually pretty good... just watch for debris around Doncaster Rd. and speed cameras on the exit roads... it's th South Eastern that has plenty of speed cameras.

    And good karma to you VTRBob for helping out little ol' Learners.
  15. That's great to hear VTRBob. It's good to know that there are still good people out there.
  16. good on ya- cagers feel invincible in there cage, so might be the only way they learn.(but you have to hammer away so they don't get ya plates).