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Funny T-Shirt slogans?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Is anyone interested in posting funny stuff seen on T-Shirts?

    I saw a good one today; "I don't need Google because my wife knows everything" :LOL:.
  2. "I don't believe in athiesm" Pops to mind for some reason.
  3. Naww, you beat me to it Brownyyyyy.

    One of my favorites has always been the shirt that says on the front "I didn't but this shirt because it says F*ck on it". On the back it says "I bought this shirt because it says F*ck on it twice"

    Another good one says "Jesus shaves" and pictures a clean shaven man in a robe.
  4. "In case of emergency give beer"
  5. the shirt in the sidebar says "I have died of dysentry"

    I've got one that says "I miss my ex, but my aim is getting better"
    and another one with a calvin & hobbes comic on the back.
  6. I saw one once that said "How DARE I wear this goddamn shirt in front of your f*cking kids!

  7. I saw a young lady wearing a T-Shirt that said "33 reasons why I eat chocolate"

    on the back was written, 33 times, "I love it"
  8. ok , as you asked for them....

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  9. Heh heh. I own that.
  10. This fat kids shirt is sooooo funny http://www.golivewire.com/forums/img.cgi?i=25379 his got youtube videos n all were he just goes up 2 chicks on the beach and asks them 2 give him a BJ...he's like 12 haha

    My mate made a shirt with Josef Fritzl's head on it and under the pictures it reads "World's Greatest Dad"

    Gets the worst looks from people haha some people just cant take a joke.