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Funny Songs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. {dons old guy hat....}

    Modern music is very intense; 'whiner rock' my daughter calls it. Or it's over-populated with gold-encrusted negros who can't sing so they talk in contrived rhyming couplets......

    There USED to be a lot of funny songs in the popular music arena. Harry Chapin sang "30,000 pounds of bananas". (look it up, it's macabre, but funny)

    One group did a song that was called, "Chewy Chewy". Guess what the lyrics were??

    And an English group called the Baron Knights used to spoof the Stones and the super-groups of their era with hilarious results.

    So are there any funny songs today, and who remembers some of the funny songs of yesteryear??
  2. well, rappers have no talent. their lyrics are flaming ego.

    fish heads is a great song.

    my friends and i wrote a classic tune titled 'ream me'. there was a long argument over who gets the rights to it [thats my sister for ya] that has now been selttled.

    tis a great funny song. we're going to record it
  3. Anything by 'Weird Al' Yankovic. :LOL:

    His parodies can be spot-on and very funny...
  4. Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny -by- Lemon Demon

    Prison B1tch -by- Bob & Tom

    The Condom Song -by- Bob & Tom

    Anything by comedian Stephen Lynch (Lullaby is particularly funny - but if you can, download the live Comedy Central Presents: Stephen Lynch video. It's his best performance).

    No funny rap songs eh? What about "Move B1tch" -by- Ludacris? That's a most amusing song, and particularly appropriate while driving :grin:
  5. By the way, if anyone can't find copies of these, let me know and I'll make you a CD for the next Ranch meet or something.

    Hornet, you'd love "Prison B1tch" - it's done in this old school honky tonk Perry Masonesque style. I love it :grin:
    Unbelievably, it is also funnier than it is inappropriate.
  6. TISM - they are quite funny to me
  7. Anything by Trey Parker and Matt Stone's band DVDA is quite hilarious. "Now You're A Man" always cracks me up.

    And TISM are very funny.