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Funny News

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by boro_baba, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Fetishes on Parade

    "There's really no way to explain people's fetishes," said University of Cincinnati campus police Capt. Karen Patterson, describing the arrest of Dwight Pannell, 43, for allegedly crawling under a library table, squirting liquid from a syringe on a female student's shoe, and photographing it. Pannell told police he was just trying out his new camera. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 5-29-08]

    In February, police officer Michael Curtin, 36, was removed from the force in Munhall, Pa., and in April was charged with offering two underage girls $1,000 each to let him suck their toes. [Philly.com-AP, 5-1-08]

    Least Competent Criminals

    Not Ready for Prime Time: Sharon Platt allegedly stole about $5,000 from her employer, Murphy Motors of Williston, N.D., recently and left town. She was apprehended in Pittsburgh in May after she applied for a job and listed Murphy Motors as a reference, and her old employer alerted Pittsburgh police. [Grand Forks Herald, 5-23-08]

    Charles Ray Fuller, 21, was arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, in April after he took a blank check belonging to his girlfriend and wrote it out to himself for $360,000,000,000.00, which he presented to Chase Bank. He remained in character after his arrest, assuring police that the check was legitimate, offered by the girlfriend's mother to help him start a record label. [Star-Telegram (Fort Worth), 4-29-08]


    District of Calamity (continued)

    Washington, D.C., police chief Cathy Lanier decided in May to rehire 17 cops who had been fired for misconduct. The cases against the officers were solid, she noted, except that their hearings before a police trial board had not been held within the required 55 days after the charges were filed. D.C. courts and arbitrators had previously reinstated officers where the 55-day deadline was not met, and Lanier felt she had no choice. (However, the following week, Lanier announced she was beginning the process of re-firing the 17 officers, this time because they would be unable to perform their jobs since they could not be credible witnesses in criminal cases because of their records.) [Washington Post, 5-20-08, 5-24- 08]

  2. So ... this guys girlfriends mother 'gave' him a cheque for $360 Billion.

    These people should be removed from the gene pool. Although I do notice that it is all in America