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Funny indicator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Having a funny problem with the indicator on my old SR185 (which a friend has bought). This happens once every six months, and usually rights itself, or is fixed by my golden touch - I poke my finger in amongst the wires and jiggle them!

    The left indicators work fine, but on the right side, the back one will go on, but not flash, and the front will not go on at all. This happens in dry weather, so is not moisture related, I presume. The problem always occurs as I've described, and not with variations, or with just the front or rear alone.

    I'm in the city this week buying parts to service the bike, and so I would be interested to hear any thoughts on what might be at fault here, on what I should replace (I wouldn't know what's what among the wires - if it were just one indicator being naughty, it would seem straight forward to me, but the fact that both are playing funny buggers...).

    Ps Does anybody know if tears in the seat make the bike unroadworthy, and if patching those tears, rather than re-covering the whole seat, will satisfy the inspectors?
  2. Matt, the indicators on each side are linked in most systems. For example, if you take out the front left bulb, turn on the indicators to the left, the rear left bulb will stay lit.

    It sounds as though the problem is stemming from your right front indicator.

    Start with the basics: check the bulb to see if it's blown or has a rusted contact, check the fuse to see if it's okay, trace the wiring to see if it all has good connections. Unplug any connectors in the wiring, check for rust and plug back in.

    This should be a relatively easy problem to fix if you do all of the above.
  3. I'm with cammo on this one - if it fixes itself by you "jiggling" your fingers, it has to do with the wires and the connection with the bulb socket. You may just have to pull the indicator apart see what you can find.
  4. Rats, I thought this was another pointless poll about the level of humour on Netrider :p

    Rusty socket or rusty bulb contacts or both. Clean the inside of the front and rear contacts with emery paper and buy two new bulbs...
  5. Check your earth connections. On this bike, it may be that it relies on the indicator stems having clean contact with the frame.

    this is why the capacitor is not discharging.