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Funny guy trying to avoid cops

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mendy, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. #1 Mendy, Aug 5, 2010
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  2. They seem to have distilled my awesome into that cars windows.
  3. why did they not shoot their guns? i mean, he could have seriously injured those people in the other car... :S

    that was poorly executed.

    and WTF was the bike doing!? i woulda stayed well clear - you can clearly see him slamming around and a bike will just go bye byes with that idiot.
  4. Ouch I'm with u LC he should have stayed clear

  5. .... all depends where it was taking place. For Instance if it was in the UK, the cops don't carry guns!!.

    I actually was surprised that the car backed into the bike!!...F*ck, the cop on the bike was lucky to escape unhurt!!
  6. Ditto with LC, very dumb to get your bike in the position right behind the car.

    Had this been in America they would of fired all their rounds into the car, thrown tear gas in and then taserd the corpse for good measure. That is the general steps taken with running a red light over there I believe.
  7. Well, a warning shot into the air would have helped, I mean, imagine the insurance mess that's now caused for 3 or more vehicles....

    Once again, very surprised with idiotic biker...
  8. Bad idea... bullets got to come down somewhere lol
  9. Looks like UK coppers, and they dont carry guns.
  10. What? He can't keep balance with the bike going backwards???LOL
    Gotta practice on the treddly.
  11. what a stupid bike copper, fair dinkum
  12. Guns would have been a stupid idea, they would have been about as useful as playdoh. Less useful actually, with playdoh you can cover the windows and windscreen so he couldn't see out. Considering how those batons bounced off the windows, they would have more chance of hitting themselves or the people in the other car from ricocheting bullets than they would of penetrating the car if they started firing.
  13. i don't mean fire at the windows - the tyres, and a warning shot above. most people stop once there's a gun involved.

    but as mentioned above, no guns in that police force
  14. What really cracks me up is the officers attacking the bodywork with nightsticks...LOL
    what they are going to break down the car by hitting its rear bumper?
    They must be made of rubber anyway, you see how many times he hits the window? not a scratch lol
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    haha did you see this in related?
    They biker gets up and runs away after, look closely
    :edit the pillion looks kind of hurt, looks like hes going to try and leg it too lol
  16. The clip is from the UK, cops don't carry guns there unless on specific tasks.
    Note the bike cop was tethered to the bike and must have been wearing one of those air jackets, it's obvious he wasn't thrown clear and his jacket dodn't go off as he struggles with the tether.