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funny bumper sticker

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by vossy, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I was going for a ride the other day, and while sitting behind this old clapped out ute i happened to notice a bumper sticker on the ute.
    It read "The gene pool could use a little chlorine" At first i thought it must be a slogan for some pool company or something, but when I passed the ute i had a quick glance at the driver and thought WTF! this guy looked like the typical hick you see in the movies- scruffy hair, front teeth missing (he gave me a smile if you can call it that) and a face that could be used in a horror movie. :shock:
    after seeing this chap the sticker explained everything
    I had to laugh :LOL: :LOL:
    I'd like to no who put the sticker on there in the first place
    Does this guy know what it means?
    With this all said has anybody else come aross a bumper sticker on a car bike or whatever and then seen the driver and thought the same as me WTF
    or seen and/or has a funny bumper sticker
    How about a list of the funniest.

  2. I heard about one on the radio but haven't seen it yet: "Is that true, or did you just read it in The Telegraph?" :grin:
  3. I often see a "baby on board" sign in the window when I see adults driving like children.
  4. Remember those 'Magic Happens' stickers??

    Saw one on an old sh1tbox tradies ute: "Tragic Happens". Almost wet myself...
  5. That one always gave me the sh17s, what is it for, are the bragging that they've had sex at least once, or do they think that people will read it and think "Oh I'll hit someone else instead then".

    Grr Grr Grumpy Old Man alert...
  6. "yes I own this ute, no I will not help you move" :grin:
  7. Saw the number plate "ruthless" on a Daewoo Karlos.

    and a Bad boy sticker on a toyota crown station wagon.
  8. I used to agree with this, and never even considered putting one on my car. But there were times when I have had people sitting fair up my arse (just above the speed limit) and wondered if they would back off a bit if they knew I had a baby in the back seat.

    Prolly not though :roll:
  9. Oh, and my contributions:

    Gas, Grass or Ass.... Nobody rides for free. (an oldie but a goodie)

    Keep Honking, I'm reloading.

    I'd smack you... but shit splatters.

    Look out! I drive just like you.
  10. When I was a courier, and we were all riding around with those big plastic crates on the back to hold the delivery packages, I had a mate who put a "baby on board" sticker on his crate.

    Yes, some idiot woman rang the company to complain that he was riding around with a baby in his crate.. she actually believed the sticker...
  11. On a rough sooby ute "No, this is not an abandoned car"
  12. Saw a "Holdens Rule" sticker on the back of a clapped out "Holden" Apollo once. The tosspot driver probably had no idea he was driving a re-badged Toyota... :roll:
  13. Why? I wouldn't. From my experience, people with children in their cars are the WORST drivers out there, and are very prone to tailgating other cars. And what is with the huge number of unrestrained kids I see in cars these days???
    Just another case of people with kids blaming everyone else for puutting their kids in danger...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Saw a ute with 'Fat Bastard' right across the back window. I saw the guy. He indeed was a fat bastard.
  15. "(Company name) promotes safe, sensible driving. PH:1800dob-me-in"
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    people DO dob you in, even just for fun :mad:
  16. I too have a hatred for people with 'Baby on board' signs. As others have said, do they honestly think people's driving habits around them will change accordingly when sure as shit still have bad driving habits.

    Also doesn't help that it seems the signs come complimentary with the city-limit bound 4WD (or is it the 4WD that comes with said baby sign?).
  17. Ah the 4WD kiddie tank. As a part time teacher I see this sort of thing nearly everyday. It's sickening.
    Just to add to the "Baby On Board" signs, I did see one this morning at school "Children On Board" on a nice new Pajero 4WD WTF?

    Who freakin cares!
  18. Considering a large majority of the population have children, that's a pretty gross generalisation :roll:
    Couldn't agree more. Deserve to be shot.

    Excuse me?!? If I do something dick-wadish and endanger my child I will be the first person to kick my own ass. But as I KNOW I am a VERY good driver, not a doubt about it... when I am driving along with my son in the car at 70 - 75km p/h in a 70 zone and have some c*ckhead rammed fair up my ass with the front of their car just metres from my child... I don't see who else there is to blame except them?

    No looking for a scapegoat here (and wondering where you get off assuming anything about me), I was simply commenting that in the above situation it WOULD be good if a person saw one of those stickers and backed off a bit. But it will never happen, which is why I wouldn't bother with one.

    Well that, and the fact it would make ignorant schmucks assume that I was a crap driver just because I had a child in the car :roll:
  19. And for the record, I totally agree with this sentiment.... I was actually saying in the first place that the signs are a load of shit.
  20. I feel your pain Joel, happended to me in about '95!

    Company policy was you must affix sticker to rear bumper, well they made the mistake of giving us a colour choice the second time around, ya can't see a clear sticker with black writing on a bumper of a black statesman!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: