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funny boy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kazhere, Nov 10, 2008.

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  2. And he thinks Mtorcycle riders are "Dim"???????? :jerk:
  3. and even I was expecting better from jeremy
    :roll: :roll:
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  6. There was something in MCN (Motor Cycle News) here, in the letters section, about donating 1 pound to Clarkson's charity to have him on a 2-seater Ducati next year...if he went through being a pillion on a few laps...

    So, not sure how much truth is in that.
  7. I tend to think he was just scared to try a real bike in case his prejudices were challenged. It'd need to be something appropriate to his body type, but something like a Blackbird maybe... (he's not going to have the skills for a motard).

    Or, you know, just leave him as one more git who doesn't get it.
  8. He stirs people up..

    Its a good read, loved it.
  9. I thought it was hilarious, personally.
  10. open your minds guys, it's a good article from an (arguably) good journalist who does his thing by, as it was already put, stirring people up.
  11. Haha. Have you ever been watching TopGear and they read out complaints from whatever greeny or caravan towing driver has missed the point of a good old fashioned piss-taking? They seem like wankers right?

  12. hehe, yep!

    have to say I think top gear australia is disappointing and I think it's cos he's not there with his arrogance and smarminess!
  13. Oh, I enjoyed reading it a lot, and laughed when I read it. It's more just mystification about how someone who so clearly enjoys speed and acceleration manages to just completely miss the ultimate. Still, his loss - and I'm just shaking my head ruefully, not writing a Concerned in Bromwell letter. ;)