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funny bike ad

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Ktulu, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. I think it's been posted before... probably... but in case you haven't seen it :)

  2. Yeah i think it is a re-post (Or i just got it in an E-Mail at some time) But it is still Piss funny
  3. I saw one similar it was set up like the bike sales ads and it had pictures of the wives and girlfriends over descriptions of the bike!
  4. LMAO... aint that so true.... women are so confusing lol

  5. no we aren't, u guys just can't read the signals proply..... :LOL:
  6. No, you just don't say what you mean, and go on about communication, and won't say what you're really thinking! :shock:
    Then you twist everything WE say around and divert an argument into some subject you can win, and bring up old arguments from 5 years ago!

    oops, time for therapy again. :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Red means stop?

    /oh no he din't!
  8. thats awesome...
  9. you really think that? :wink:
  10. Yeah you are, you totally are.

    Say what you mean or shut the fcuk up!
  11. No, we're not. It's all about the tone with which we say things. Guys are just tone deaf.
  12. yeah ive had 3 girlfriends since i've had my harley, and non of them wanted be to buy a sportsbike. not that i'd sell the HD, but i'd love to have a gixa or something for those days when you feel like going nuts around the twisties
  13. I'm not sure it's 'tone' but it is 'intonation'... and yes most guys are deaf to it (unlike most females).

    It isn't deliberate, but it is happening.

    The bit I don't understand is that females _know_ we are deaf to that sort of stuff but they insist on using it and then blame us because we didn't understand what they meant (instead of what thier words said) when they knew in advance we would take what they said the wrong way.

    *oww my head hurts... must sit down*.

  14. Mmmm that is good I know someone whose got a HD Fatboy and a MV Augusta 750 or a 1K I dont remember, for the twisty days.

    If women actually used words like... "If you buy that bike I will be angry" rather than, "Yeah go on buy it see if I care" then more things might get done in favour of the woman. :LOL: :mad:
  15. See you know whats happening, so why in th ehell don' women just say what they mean,???

    Too obvious, fcuk that for a joke.

    Like i said say what you mean or shut the fcuk up

    this is not directed solely(sp ) at you but all 2 legged manpluating 2 faced humans, more commonly known as females.
  16. That'll do, Donkey. That'll do :wink:

    My remark was made a bit tongue-in-cheek. Yes, I know mis-communication between the sexes does exist, but I don't agree that females are the cause of it everytime.

    Referring to "all 2 legged manipulating 2 faced humans" as female is a bit of a generalisation, there are plenty of males out there that would fit quite nicely into that category as well.

    Surprisingly, we seem to be communicating quite well.

    Say Hi to a leprechaun for me :grin:
  17. Done.
    Done .

    And done, i have 2 in cans.