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Funniest things you have seen on dunny walls

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. ive seen some classics in my life, example of some below, whats the best you have seen?

    Here I sit all broken hearted
    tried to shit but only farted
    then one day I took a chance
    tried to fart and shit my pants

    Some come here to sit and think,
    some come here to shit and stink,
    but I come here to itch my balls,
    and read the writing on the walls.
  2. some people come here to sit and think,
    Others come here to ponder.
    I came here to sh.t and stink,
    and Blow like bloody Thunder.

    Signs on back of toilet door....
    "Do not close door, Lock is broken."

    "No toilet paper till next tuesday"

    "Spiders may be under seat"
  3. "Here I sit in peaceful bliss
    Listening to my hissing piss
    Now and then the sound is heard
    Of a giant mega turd..."
  4. "Play toilet tennis
    Look left"

    "Play toilet tennis
    Look right"

    "for a good time dial 1194"
    (back then it was actually the time)

    "don't look up here for jokes look between your legs"
  5. i saw a funny one...no one take offense now!

    wogs and emo's should all be shipped off to an island together, this way the wogs have people to look tough in front of and the emo's have something to cry about :grin:

  6. It's not funny.
    I take offense.
  7. any graf propositioning for women .... in a men's toilet :LOL:
  8. Written in small letters at the very bottom of the door;

    "Beware of limbo dancers"
  9. seen at the trough wall ......

    "Why are you looking up here .. ashamed ?"

    naturally i laughed because it wasn't true
  10. The replies are ususally the best.

    Under; "E=mc2"

    "Where's your working Einstein?"

    Or the misuse of the apostrophe gives me the giggles.

    "Harley's rule"

    Really? What is it?
  11. " If it's yellow,
    let it mellow,
    If it's brown,
    flush it down."

    The best thing i have seen in public toilets was written in huge letters, at Flinders st Station. It happened to be the name of my yr 8 science teacher.
    (no, I did not wright it up) :wink:
  12. I have seen the entire destruction of the death star scene from Star Wars drawn out in storyboard form.
    Unfortunately it was later removed by someone who obviously considered a blank white wall to be more interesting.
  13. Lucky it wasn't your English teacher otherwise they would have been on to you. :grin:

    Written above the mirror: "No wonder you always go home alone."
  14. Seen at a urinal
    ATTENTION! (follow a line pointing upwards to the ceiling,) "You are now pissing on your feet"
  15. Harden up you bloody emo! :LOL: :p :p
  16. There's the old classic on the condom machine -

    "This chewing gum tastes like rubber"

    to which the correct riposte is

    "This rubber works like chewing gum".
  17. I saw one last night in cheers, "im a f@ggot"

    lol way to come out...very bizzare
  18. German for someone with a fat gut?
  19. I saw something on a condom machine that read something along the lines of 'no refunds, please do not attempt to place babies in slot'. :shock:
  20. blender.

    if your bored however, write your mates mobile number up there and write something about "easy tart, roots anyone, great arse etc"... harsh but fun.