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Funniest thing I've seen for ages...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VladTepes, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Was waiting at a traffic light this morning - steep hill so I had my foot on the rear brake and clutch in ... waiting.

    A woman (at first I thought she was pregnant but then came to the conclusion it was just bogan fat) came up to the crossing and pressed the big button on the light pole. After a short while (maybe 10 seconds) when the result wasn't to her satisfaction she whacked it another 5 or 20 times. Why do people thonk this will help?

    Anyway still no dice so next thing I see she is obviously super unhappy and she's attacking this thing with both fists like Mohamed Ali.

    After a while (its a main road so the light changes are few and far between) she stops, looks around (presumably for other pedestrians. Obviously as a motorcyclists she didn't see me) and then takes what was presumably intended to be a flying roundhouse kick at it. Yep this sheila was going full ninja on the traffic light ! The "flying roundhouse" lacked a bit in skill as well and she ended up on her arse. She'd just ad time to get up when the light changed...... for me.... so by teh time I left she was STILL waiting there for the pedestrian light to change.

    I was almost tempted to stay for another cycle of the lights just to see how it ended....

    Oh and when I mentioned how I was holding the brake and clutch (at the beginning of the story) its relevant because I was crying with laughter and nearly released both of them in the process.....

    Some moments life is just marvellous.

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  2. Its scientifically proven, the harder you press the button, the faster it will change. Kicks work well but nothing beats the running head butt.
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  3. Hahahaha this stuff would get millions of views on youtube if it was videoed! smileedudes comment just tops it off
  4. What a shame. No Go Pro. That would've gone viral mate!
  5. Thanks for sharing. I properly laughed out loud both by the ending and the next comment.

    On the whole hitting it makes it change faster thing I would almost swear by rolling forwards and backwards (in a car) when only vehicle at lights late at night.
  6. you had me at fat bogan
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  7. That really is the best inspiration for a gopro ever. Delightful~
  8. Vlad, this happened to me a while back:

    There is a bridge near my house, which crosses the Woronora River. It is two lanes in either direction, with a 1.5 metre concrete median barrier separating the opposing lanes. The speed limit is 80km/h.
    I was riding across the bridge, towards Menai. When travelling in that direction, the bridge curves to the left. I was in the right-hand lane. A black Corolla was in front of me, travelling at about 90km/h. As I went to move into the left lane I noticed the driver of the other vehicle starting to indicate that she also was intending to move into the left lane. I stopped indicating and stayed in the R/H lane, which seemed to confuse the driver of the other vehicle. She kept driving in the R/H lane, looking at me in her rearview mirror. Then she took her eyes off the road, turned ALL THE WAY AROUND and looked straight at me for about three seconds...before running straight into the median barrier! - Sparks, bits of plastic from her side mirror and paint went everywhere!
    It must've scared the hell out of her, but she kept driving! I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off my bike.
    I rode past her and looked at the damage to her vehicle: $$$$$$$$!
    The thing that annoys me is that I didn't have my helmet-cam with me; that would've gone STRAIGHT onto YouTube!
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  9. Shnarfed my wine
  10. I own one now but haven't gotten around to figuring out where / how best to attach it to the bike ! Bugger eh !

    Of course I I'd had it on, this would never have happened. That seems to be the way it works.
  11. Another reason it should be mandatory for motorcyclists to have helmet cams. (y)
  12. Theres a marketing opportunity for Shoei. They are finally getting on board the internal sun visor bandwagon, and allowing for bluetooth headsets so how about a built in HD camera ?
  13. The really cool stuff never happens when you have a camera - or it does, but it happens way too fast to get the thing out and switched on and in focus and stuff...

    A Kung Fu panda act at the pedestrian crossing. Sensational...

    I did once induce a horrific traffic accident in Sydney, right outside the Uni NSW, by winding up a foolly seek valiant on my mate's DT125. He stacked it all on his own - and he harmed about 35 cars in the process... One of them was a Paddy-Wagon!
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  14. tbh, I mash the button too. I don't believe for a second that it helps, but it gives you something to do while you're waiting, which makes it feel like it goes faster. Same as rolling the car back and forth (although because I drove a ute that was relatively high off the ground, it did have a legitimate problem with triggering some lights so I still think rolling back and forth helps in that situation)
  15. I think about 50% of the Liverpool population firmly believe that mashing/assaulting the button really works. I see time and time again people doing this and not just one... they almost line up to use the button as a punching bag.

    In a similar vein, my g/friend presses the up and down button when calling a lift under the premise that the lift will get there faster.
  16. Gold!! Made my day reading that, thanks for sharing!
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    I used to work in admin in the Faculty if Design, Architecture & Building at UTS. One of the product design academics was Carl Nielsen, whose design business created those pedestrian buttons in the 80s. It's a magnetic button and pushing it initiates the circuit. The beauty is that there are essentially no moving parts that wear out through mechanical action. Plus the sound/vibration/Braille arrow elements. One push is all it needs, but they can handle millions. Like Carl has to now, he's a millionaire.
  18. Good on you, people like this need to be outed and lynched.

    I was one waiting at a packed light in the city. I got a tap on the shoulder, "can you push the button?" I pushed it. Then a tap from the same person "now push it again".
  19. But it's not a pressure pad in the road its an induction loop - notices big magnetic things above it, which is why it sometimes takes lucky placement for a bike to trigger it (and sometimes they never will - explain THAT to the red light camera fine people). A ute sitting over the top of it should be picked up no dramas.

  20. What? no one has ever installed a counter in an induction loop? When it's late at night it's amazing how frequently lights change a second after a second car rolls over the plate.