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Funniest Squid Rider You Have Seen?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rashpocket, May 21, 2010.

  1. I just rode down to the supermarket for Milk and Coco Pops in my p'js, grandpa slippers with a backpack on.

    I got home and had a chuckle

    Interesting to hear of other people's sightings
  2. squid pillion female low cut jeans super sport bike of some sort g string nuff said no pics sorry
  3. I knew a guy on the north coast who took his dog everywhere with him on the back of his Triumph Rocket...unfortunately he was hit by a car not long back he suffered really bad injuries but his dog came away unscathed.
  4. Stupidest:
    Guy: boardies, thongs, no shirt, open faced helmet and no gloves.
    Girl (pillion): tiny skirt, MASSIVE MASSIVE heels (how could she walk in them? :-s), singlet top and open faced helmet with WOOLEN gloves...

    Guy in a wetsuit!!!!! He was wearing thongs with it, and had a full faced helmet. It reminded me of the guy who ran out of clothes and wore a wetsuit in Notting Hill (sorry, chick flick... but it's got a nude shot of Julia Roberts for the guys!).
  5. Ha! I was in Surfers Paradise a few years ago for christmas and saw a guy in a wetsuit on a bike. He had an open face helmet and a pair of boots. looked pretty funny.
  6. LOL.
    Love the wetsuit look... then it REALLY almost makes it apt to call them squidders :rofl:
  7. I rode to a costume party dressed in costume as a knight wearing tights with a taberd over the top and carrying a sword and a shield.

    The police pulled me over, got to the party late ](*,)
  8. A few years back I was in a mates red vl v8 calais dropping my nephew off home and there was a motorbike in front of us with a girl pillion maybe they got intimidated or I have no fkn clue why but out of nowhere the girl pillion stood on her pegs and hiked up her skirt and flashed us her bare ass for a good 10 seconds.

    She wasn't wearing any undies and for the next hour me and my mate were debating whether it was a positive or negative gesture. LOL.

    Now that was hilarious.
  9. Many years ago now I was stuck behind a guy in full leathers on a seriously modified GSXR750 with his girlfriend on the back.

    Open face helmet.
    String bikini.
    Nothing else.

    She bleached. :p

    Edit: On seconds thoughts, :p may not be the most appropriate emoticon for that comment. :-s
  10. :rofl:

    Hope you didn't get disctacted and rear end her.
  11. Why can't I figure out what that means?
  12. Hah she's older than moi and I know ;)

    Dev, I LOVE your innocence - NEVER change *hug*
  13. "Heather used an awkward combination of mirrors as she simultaneously pulled apart her buttcheeks, bent over, and had a good look at her newly bleached asshole."

  14. HAHAHA.. Oh!

    Sheesh you must have really good eye-sight...or that was one white arse!

    Thanks lowercase. :)
  15. Done that before, complete with spearfish and fins attached to the rack...
  16. yeah iv ridden up to port moresby with fins coming out of my bag, spear gun with my belt attached hanging over my shoulder like a .303.i got some pretty funny looks! but i left the wetsuit in my backpack
  17. :worthlesspics:
  18. I saw this clown with about 25 metres of thick irrigation piping wound into a giant circle and hung over his shoulder. No gloves, shorts and a t shirt, and he was covered in mud. Looked like he was laying some irrigation pipes and had to do a quick run to the shops.

    ... pity that I was looking at the reflection of a shop window :)