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Funniest bike moment

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Sassafrass, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. my bike riding experience began on a dairy farm rounding up the cows. We had a multitude of bikes, quads, 250 dirt bikes but I was relegated to the 110 postie bike. Mind you I am 5' 10. You have to usher the cows down the 'race' towards the milking shed about half way is the shit pit where the liquid cow poo is stored, deep and wide. It is surrounded by an electric fence. I am hooting down the race and get pushed towards the 'shit pit' . I landed up against the electric fence on the bike hanging over the poo. The electric fence ticking and the bike became live burning my legs that touched it. My fellow work mates stood back laughing their heads off. I eventually go loose but couldn't let go of the bike because it was live. Funny on reflection but is still have the scars lol

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  2. I came around a corner in Halls Gap on the Victoria Valley Rd only to be confronted by a angry Emu father with chicks in tow. He couldn't work out whether to run away, attack me or gather his flock of chicks together so tried to do all three simultaneously. Apart from the fact that an angry father emu in full panic charging at you is a bit disconcerting it was a funny incident. :)
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  3. Sounds a bit scary too, emus can be buggers lol
  4. Hi and welcome Sassafrass.

    Some of the farm biking stories do seem to me, as a city boy, pretty scary.

    While not nearly as painful and dramatic, just recently, I've been told by the quacks to give up smoking, so I've moved to the electronic vaping business.

    So I have my wee machine in a pouch hung round my neck.

    Anyhow, when I'm riding my scooter and get stopped at traffic lights that I know, I'll sometimes pull out the electronic thingy and have a couple of puffs, assuming I have time.

    The reaction from the car drivers around me is absolutely hilarious! :)
  5. I see a guy regularly on a scooter with an open face helmet smoking a durrie commuting through the traffic. Pretty funny.