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Fundraising to get Lenna (Grrrl) on the move

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. There has been alot of talk about raising some funds to help Lenna get back on the move and to make her rehab easier in a financial respect.
    I have asked Vic if he can set up an account which people can donate to.

    Name: Netrider
    BSB: 633 000
    Account: 129303285

    This thread is also for any fundraisers that are to be held regarding Lenna.

    For any updates on Lenna's condition and all the get well wishes, can people please go to the appropriate forum as this thread is purely put in place for fundraising.

  2. Here is where you will find the 1st event fundraiser for Lenna :)
  3. There is a raffle in place, which will be drawn at the Christmas Party.
    Tickets will be available at the event, as will the opportunity to make donations.

    Cheers Scheff
  4. For those intgerstate, fear not, I'll devise a way to make your wallet lighter.

    Over the weekend we'll set up a raffle ticket system and you can purchase tickets on the merch page.

    They will all go into the draw that will take place at xmas time.
  5. I think it may be better if this was run as a "guessing competition". Without an appropriate licence it is illegal to run "raffles".
  6. I can't remember the exact amount, but if total prize values were less than (I think) $2000 then you didn't need a permit. This is for Victoria, I assume it would be the same nation wide.
  7. Well, I was implying that perhaps to make it a no brainer and to have no chance of having any problems at all, then just drop the whole word "raffle"
  8. You can run raffles without a permit if the total prize pool is less than $5000 in value.

    In this case, not an issue ;)
  9. Thanks for that Vic, I was unsure whether it was that much or not

    darn oldtimers disease
  10. kewl vic :)
  11. Have we got the bank account details yet?
  12. I was wondering about that - in the end I made a transfer into your "Lenna iPod" account.
  13. Sorry Folks, I have been flat out and simply forgot.
    Someone please buy me a DOPOD organiser phone, please, pretty please ;)

    The account details are;

    Name: Netrider
    BSB: 633 000
    Account: 129303285

  14. What description do you want us to use when transferring money into that account??
    Will this account be for putting money into for raffle tickets, or just for donations??

    Azz :cool:
  15. This account will be used for all fundraising, World Vision, etc, etc,

    Use whatever reference you want; Lenna, Tazman, vic's new phone fund, etc etc :p
  16. Thats cool, it was a temporary thing until this account got set up so it will be getting transfered tomorrow out of mine.
  17. Some funds sent to new account

    Deposit Receipt No 2164693

    Should come through on Monday :wink:
  18. vic,
    pop down to your local works infrastructure office and get an order number, i'll OK it :LOL:

    righto, me & mrs ridescbr's contribution going in.
    is there a specific transaction ID like for world vision?
  19. Right, all done.

    Merch page has them listed for purchase.
    Delete the P&H when promted to do so. I have set them up so that when you check out it will delete it automatically but I am unable to get it to do it prior to check out.

    Good luck with the raffle.
  20. tsk tsk tsk, *shakes head*

    Not even 1 cent deposited towards my dopod :rofl: :p

    Ok, ok, I'll keep it serious.

    An update on the fundraising,

    Number of raffle tickets sold online - 0 yes, nothing, not one, zero, zip, zilch :shock:

    Moneys deposited to date total $1675.