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Fundraiser Gig - For Stem Cell Therapy in India

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Grrrl, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hello all :)

    I think many/most people know about my wheelchair-bound situation, and I'm sure most of you know by now that Adam (Stewy) and I are heading over to India very soon, so that I can have Stem Cell Therapy.

    It's an expensive 8 week exercise, costing US$40,000 :shock: (gulp!) and I am attempting to raise some money to help cover some of the cost...

    So, I know it's late notice (as is often my style) but there will be a fundraising event held on Saturday 13th of June -


    It'll be a great value night!

    ~ Music from various performers :-({|=
    ~ Three course dinner :popcorn:

    ~ An auction of various donated products and artworks
    =; <-- he's placing a bid??
    ~ Door prizes :dance:

    ~ And whatever else I might think up between now and then! :-k

    Who’s on the bill?

    * Michael Lloyd - Playing some originals, as well as hits from sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and the naughties!

    * Laura Trapnell - From the band Rouge Foncé. Playing lots of alternative songs with some originals also in the mix. A beautiful singer who barely needs a mic!

    * Mel (my sister) and me - We don’t even know what’s on our set list yet, but I thought I'd better at least contribute a handful of songs myself! :-w

    When: Saturday, 13th of June 2009
    Time: 7:00pm for a 7:30 start
    Where: Mad Gallery, 19 High Street Lancefield
    Cost: $50 (including 3 course meal)


    Send me a PM to arrange bookings, or contact John at Mad Gallery on (03) 5429 1432.

    ~ I know Lancefield is a bit of a hike for many of you, but hey, it's under an hour from Melbourne, it's a once off, and I've gotta do it too! :LOL:


    The "whereis" site says:

    Start: Mt Alexander Rd, North Melbourne, VIC 3051
    End: Lancefield, VIC 3435
    Distance: 68km
    Time: 51min (approx)


    If you're planning to ride up, then I highly recommend taking a little detour via Wildwood Road.
    It increases the travel time by 7 minutes (that's if you're traveling at the recommended speed, but knowing you lot, you'll actually make up time!)
    and it increases the distance by 4.6km of fun. :grin:

  2. wow!

    I was about to pm you to book but then i read the fine print; lancefield is a very long way to for me to go :(

    pm my ur bank details tho, ill chuck in the cash that it would have taken me in fuel ;)

    have a good night and good luck!!!!!
  3. Ditto what es said... pm your details because its a bloody long way from Sydney :LOL: Happy to help out

    Good luck with the therapy :)
  4. Awww... Thanks Es, that's so sweet of you :)

    Ditto what Es said? Wow, that's a lot of petrol money, thanks!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I thought car pooling might be a good idea.

    Hmmm... Now I'm starting to think we need to run a mini-bus...

  6. LOL :LOL: Every bit counts doesnt it :)

    I think its great that you are doing it, stem cell therapy has come a long way and has shown some brilliant results - I hope to see the same happen for you ;)
  7. :LOL: Yeah, I told Adam he's have to take us along with him on the way up ;)
  8. I will either come to the gig, or chip in anyway.
  9. i can't come, but PM on the way to Stewy
  10. Lenna,

    PM me bank details either here or through Stewy on facebook... I'll donate to the cause. :)
  11. cheers guys, i know she has been very busy setting up a website (or i should say trying too :LOL: ) which i believe will have all those details.

    I believe we are also going to try and keep a onlien diary as we/she goes through the treatment.....but off course i will still post here to give advice on important topics like, which is 250 is faster, is lane splitting legal in vic, etc etc... :LOL:

    cheers stewy
  12. I can't make it either :cry: ...
    youngest girl is turning 11 and I'll have a house full
    of almost teenagers here :shock:
    it sounds like such a great night for a very worthwhile cause
    so pm me details and I'll donate too :)
  13. Ok, the website is finally live!


    There you'll find the same story as the one here on netrider - about the accident that put me in the wheelchair, there's a little info about stem cells, and couple of other things...

    For those of you that wish to donate, I sincerely and humbly thank you.
    You will see a "Donate" tab on the webpage, which will put funds into a seperate account specifically set up for my cause. (A registered charity).
    This way it's all completely transparent and above board.

    The cost of this therapy is US$40,000 - :shock: gulp!
    So apart from this music function, I'm also have a friend who is approaching businesses on my behalf, and we'll hopefully find a few other avenues to pursue.

    :? If I should happen to raise more than the required amount, I will donate the excess to spinal and/or stem cell research.

    I'll keep working on the site too.
    There will be a blog section so people can follow my progress through this, and we'll post up heaps of pictures as we go along too.
  14. that is her goz.....yep fingers are crossed [-o<
  15. Forget the walking, you are going to be dancing home lol

    I just put the donation through now, will keep you both in my thoughts :)
  16. Donated :)

    thoughts and best wishes for you on ur special journey x
  17. I won't be able to make this, but donated (fuel cost is a bit too much!).

    My biggest and best wishes.

    The story on Lenna's web page is amazing. Seeing you there, knowing that something was seriously wrong is still such a vivid memory.

    Have a great time in India, watch out for little monkey's stealing you money!
  18. Is there gonna be grub at this shindig Adam :?: :spam:
    I mean, I dont wunna be withering away to the bone :) , and you got a rep here at steak :grin: , that I dont wish to garnish :shock: um 8-[ for, how you say :-k promising chowder and delivering chubb :rofl: But enough ribbing, Im such a silly sausage :sick: and so full of bull, ok =; ok, dont have a cow :roll:
    OMG, seriously but, I dont want no beef \:D/ with you, and should steer [-( the conversation away before you rope and brand :roll: me.
    Sorry Stewy :LOL: , its Saturday night and Im half pissed and slightly delerious from actually getting to go for a :woot: today with Lozzo through Toolangi and Kinglake. Tis a rare thing, but well done :blah:
    Be lovely to catch up and chew the fat :eek:hno: providing we can get a babysitter for bub :cry:
    You do realise cows and and the eating off is sacred and big no no in india yeah :nail: ok ok insert hornet's current Avatar pic here, coz lets face it, no BBQ is complete without some dead horse :evil:
  19. Kenny, you're a pissa!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    There will be three courses of grub, just DON'T BE LATE or you'll miss out! (Yeah, I'm talking about you, Kenneth :p )

    Just thought I'd better mention that the main meal at this function will be a very very mild curry (sticking with the "India" theme). I'm not sure if we'll sacrafice a sacred cow, or maybe keep on the good side of all the Hindu Gods and have chicken...

    If you "don't do" curry, or you have any special dietary requirements (e.g allergies/vegetarian) then please do let me know ASAP so I can make sure the catering side of things works out well for everybody.

    Also, if there are any other musicians/singers/performers that feel like hopping up for a few songs then also let me know :)

    I'm looking forward to it, should be a good night!!f


    Ciao for niao,