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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Nikuya, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Please forgive me if this is the noobiest question that was ever noob'd, but! How do you guys... I guess, "fund" yourself while you're out touring. Dont want to know the in depth stuff, but am curious as to how people do it. I managed to sell the idea to my fiance for a short week-long tour around tassie. In this case, we will just take a week off. But what about the massive 1 year journies? Is that a case of just saving up for a few years, or working at some of the destinations? Its been bugging the hell out of me.

  2. for most i would think it would involve selling off assets+saving etc.... probably get some better answers over on horizons unlimited, gernerally over there they aren't poster talking about doing this type of stuff they are the blokes actually doing it....advrider also has a lot of good info too, but sometimes you need to shuffle through a lot of crap to find the answers....

    g/l it's something i would love too do
  3. Yeah, Horizons Unlimited is an awesome site, but couldn't find anything re the funding issue. may be a touchy issue for some *shrugs* :D
  4. Like stewy said I would imagine people save and sell stuff, as well as picking up the odd bit of work here and there. Similar to when people spend a year backpacking around Europe I guess.
  5. its all hard work and dedication, unfortunately BWM dont put up yearly sponsorships (aka ewan & charlie)

    but, in the end the hard work is worth it, even if its just 2 or 3 weeks.

    there are some really inspiring journeys out there, we are lucky in australia to have some amazing landscapes, doesnt cost that much to get to them. plus there isnt all that hassle with visas ;)

    here is a cool AU diary by firetiger

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  6. Finding work while touring is not hard, and if you happen to have a skill that others find valuable then it becomes even easier. If you wanted to survive just on picking then it becomes a bit more difficult,, FNQ is pretty much European backpackers on work visa's, Mildura region is sown up by the Islander work gangs, and the grey go mads do most of the "in shed" work.

    My wife and I toured for 2 years, granted not on a bike , we did the 4wd and caravan thingie, I worked for Bunnings in 3 states, signed up with numerous job agencies and payed for accomodation in caravan parks by doing everything from Reception to toilet cleaning.

    To fund our working holiday we just said phuck it and sold the house, mind you a wee heart attack was the catalyst... took us two years to get as far as Port Douglas and we loved it...... we haven't made it to the west yet, we will do that in couple of years when I decide to retire "again"

    Only change will be, next trip the damn bike comes with me.