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Fun With Leaky Parts

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Not4Resale, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Garrrr….

    Looks like I've got a fun leak that (from my limited knowledge) looks like it is coming from the coolant system. Linked is a video of the jet stream.


    For the moment I've bought some more coolant and refilled the radiator/overfill tank and taped up the hole with electrical tape to try and slow the leak…

    However, I've been unable to identify the part in the manual so that I can order a genuine replacement. The closest thing I could find to what I need is the following:


    But for what it is, I think the guy is asking for too much.

    For the more mechanically inclined, do you

    a) Know where I can better source the part
    b) Think it looks complicated enough to pass it onto a professional.

    From my assessment, if there aren't any special tools required I suspect I will have to:

    1. Drain the coolant from the bike
    2. Remove the seat and possibly the fuel tank if I don't have access
    3. Replace the valve + hose
    4. Reconnect fuel tank and replace seat
    5. Refill coolant
    6. Leave it running to run the coolant through the engine and test for leaks

    Am I in over my head or does this sound simple enough? I've pulled bikes apart before but I'm an amateur by the best measure and am happy to pass on a job that is outside my limits.
  2. @veom@veom might be able to shed some light on this, he's a fellow KLR rider.
  3. Hard to see from that MP4 at work, but if it is a carbie heater then I would be by-passing it. Carbie heaters are for colder climates. You don't need one in Australia. I'm sure someone on a model specific forum has done it.
  4. That part has been replaced on my KLR by the previous owner. You should be able to purchase just that little bulb from a Kawasaki dealer, it's there so you can inspect the colour of the coolant. You will have to change the coolant, I can't say I've done it so I don't know if you have to remove the tank or not.

    I'll check my manual tonight and see if I can get you a part number.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    On a side note, that website charges $14 for the part and $89.54 for shipping! They really should factor in parcel orders for individuals and not mechanics.