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Fun with a tailwind...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by darklightBoy, May 6, 2007.

  1. It's been really windy down south over the last couple of days. So much so I actually caught the bus to work thursday and friday instead of going in on the bike. Friday night though I was heading to a friend's place, copping wind all the way blowing me left and right in my lane. Lucky there wasn't much traffic!

    Either way, turned onto the Brooker Hwy heading SE, which happened to be the way the wind was blowing! AWESOME FUN! I think the best thing was I wasn't being blown around at all, which on the VTR is never! I must say I prefer the wind being behind me :p

  2. In that case I can thoroughly recommend re-fried Pinto beans and sour cream.... :grin:
  3. A can of chick-peas in masala sauce provides incredible amounts of thrust . . .
  4. I went for a ride yesterday in the wind. Tailwind the whole way, which was great great until i realised i'ld be going against the flow on the way home. My bike isnt that hot on the highway at the best of times...its much worse heading into a 50kmh headwind :LOL:
  5. I would prefer a 50kmh headwind than a 50kmh crosswind, especially trying to change lanes on a 250 :eek:
  6. Trying?? It does it automatically!!
  7. I meant changing lanes against the wind :grin: