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Fun time at PI today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smitty, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. as a Birthday pressie, the family got me....
    a track day at Phillip Island run by our member
    Steve Brouggy (Aust Superbike School)

    and today was the day!
    had an absolute ball......
    no cops, no poles or trees or wirerope barriers
    so a chance to murder the fuel economy and Bridgestones
    on the 750 :p
    and improve the cornering plus a chance to ummm, aaaah...
    stretch the ol' girls legs

    a very well run show
    and I even got a chance to chat with Steve at lunch

    highly recommended



    and no, I am NOT gunna tell you lot how old I am .... :LOL:

  2. But I'll tell you how old he is, for a fee of course :p
  3. Was also there on monday Ismith. What group were you in? What do you ride??? I was in yellow on a Matt Black VTR1000. Totally agree with your comments on the Superbike school. Well run event and a hell of a nice bunch of guys. :D

  4. Stew
    I was hiding in Pit#4 with a bunch of Kawasaki riders
    and going out with the 'White' group
    me? all black leathers and helmet
    red and white Kwaka 750

    maybe should have posted this up b4 the day
    to see if anyone from here was going
    oh well,
    next time...and there will be a next time
    (this was my 4th day with ASBK at PI)

    glad to see you agree with my comments re the day


  5. Hhhhhmmmm, think i walked through that garage a few times, maybe not. Yeah I also will be out there again soon. Want to do some more schooling with them too. Have done level one but that was ages ago and I need a refresher. Get any good photos mate???

  6. I did level 1 in October last year. They're a great bunch of blokes, very helpful, and I learn't heaps. Am definitely able to get the ZZ-R1100 around corners better than I've ever been able to.

    It's still a bit of a biatch to get around tight bends though...but I manage. :D
  7. Hey i was there aswell, in the slow group (regrettebly!) on a 97 gixxer 750...... also had sparky sliders on for the day. I love it down there and every1 should try it at least once :D

    What happened to the guy on the cbr-rr that put it down B4 lunch?? is he ok??
  8. Now that would have been fun.

    As a birthday pressie too my wife said I can bbok into the superbike school level 1 day..

    Ill wait for the first one next year at PI as I dont want ride over to winton from dandenong, then do the day and have to ride home. PI is much closer
  9. Do your self a favour and trailer your bike there and back... its a long, exhausting day.. and a long SLOW ride home....and if things do go pear shaped....... :?
    you then can take a chair to rest on.... food to energize with..... and stuff like oil, chain lube, tool boxes, stands, change of clothes. This all makes for a more relaxed, comfortable day and that is the way to ride :D
  10. ummm, you weren't there with a guy with a gold 955 Trumphy
    by any chance??? if so, you parked next to me in the car park!

    the guy on the CBR went to hospital with a broken arm
    haven't heard anymore....

    piccies of the CBR are on the link I posted above


  11. absolutely spot on.....
    the first one I did at PI, I rode....WRONG!
    had to miss lunch and go and get fuel (ASBK do sell fuel now)
    the weather turned to shite, I did not have wets with me (no room)
    the ride home was long and cold.....
    as sbk_750 says, trailer it, fill the cage with bits for the bike and yaself
    and for gawdssake..take a chair


  12. na, he was parked nest to us...blue white modded 97 gixxer, a black 97 zx-r750 and a stock red/white 99 R1
    How come you's (netrider users) dont go there as an organized effort??
  13. It has been talked about before a couple of times, might even happen one day :p
  14. well I'm going again on the 16th of december...... anyone who wants to say hi..... do it :wink:
  15. Bit too soon for me I'm afraid :(

    Maybe we can sort one out for next year sometime Feb/March. One thing I'd be particularly interested in is teaming together for cheaper trailer and pit-garage hire.

    Australian SuperBike school haven't listed their 2005 dates yet so keep your eyes peeled.
  16. we go down about once a month, and my trailer is always full :? but if you want to go shares in a garage i'll be in it :D
  17. well it was organized...I was down there having told a few of the Kawasaki Sportsbike guys (being a Kwika rider) and thats how I ended up with Pit#4
    with all 7 of 'em!

    for a report (on us)..plus piccies and smart commentary....