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Fun ride home yesterday in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ibast, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Wan't that wind fun?

    Gusting from all directions. Got to say one of the scariest rides on a bike I've had.

  2. I had a bizarre ride home yesterday. Maybe it was the brand new P-plate on the back making my bike go faster and making me more invisable than usual, but I had to "quick-stop" four or five times during my 20min commute. Pedestrians, taxi's, blind cagers... Hazards everywhere!

    Yeah, the wind was interesting, but I take a fairly sheltered way home so wasn't too affected by it. Was slightly worried about being blown over with the bike when stopped at traffic lights though.
  3. I was riding the M5 westward.

    You had to make 2 - 3 corrections on every sweeper to account for the changes in wind. It made the rope barriers even more scary!

    Yeah the wind does funny things to peoples behaviour. Car driver and particully pedestrians to things they normally wouldn't.
  4. I was also riding westward on the M5 late last night.

    As soon as I blasted out of the M5 tunnel I was blown sideways hahaha.
  5. Yea windy alright, didn't use my bike but lost my Fav pair of jocks of the line :cry: Just blew away never to be seen again.
  6. It was so bad in Wollongong it blew the dog off the chain (sorry about that, I know, trivialising a sensible thread, mea culpa) :(
  7. It was so windy at my place that it blew the saddle off my nightmare!!
  8. I know the feeling the wind blew the hat off my crotch. :shock:
  9. SHUDDER :cry: a 250 in that wind!! At least you had an excuse to ride home faster, to get out of it!
  10. I stopped at an intersection on the way home from school (can't remember which foot I put down!) and a gust of wind caught me and nearly blew the bike over while it was standing still. I had to out BOTH feet down to save it.