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Fun on the road

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Crawling back through the 50kmh limit section of Heathcote this afternoon, on the way back from the Alan Hales funeral, a large red four-wheel-drive hove past me in the right lane, doing at least 70kmh. I sniggered to myself, because it was just the right time of the day for a police car to be parked out front of the Caltex with a camera. Sure enough, there was. As the limit went up to 100, I slid past him on his right, looked left, made eye contact, made a flashing gesture with my left hand, and pointed straight at him :rofl:.

    I don't know if the camera got him or not, but for the next three kilometres to Waterfall, where the speed limit is 100kmh, he crawled along at 80!!!!

  2. You FLASHED him ? :shock: :shock:

    Amazing what little gestures can do to subdue drivers.
    :LOL: :LOL:

  3. One little word that I just love sums it all up KARMA

    I want to get myself some magnets made up to slap on cars with the saying "SUFFER IN YA JOCKS YOU JUST GOT BUSTED BY KARMA". So when I see another one of these idiots I can merrily slap one on their bonnet.
  4. That speed limit is really, really, really, really dumb.

    It's the Princes Hwy FFS. It should be an 80 zone at least!

    A perfect example of bureaucracy gone mad.
  5. Especially considering there is a light-controlled pedestrian crossing AND an overhead footbridge from the railway station. The limit was lowered because some dimwit ran across the road and got killed. On a six lane highway. With a pedestrian crossing and a bridge.
  6. Add to that there is only properties on one side of the road and the few residential properties that are a bit further up are well set back.
  7. ... the RTA also evaluated, engineered and spent a load of cash to bring the road back up to safety standard for an 80km/h speed limit - yet it remains at 50.

    But I'm tired of lamenting this kind of idiocy and injustice; I just tell people to deduct the shit out of everything come tax time, because whatever money you give the government they're just going to waste anyway.