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Fun little motorcycle racing flash game

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. http://www.miniclip.com/games/sportbike-sprint/en/

    Flash games today have evolved to where full commercial releases were about 10 years ago. It's quite stunning to watch how fast they're improving.

    This one's a lot of fun - although the other blokes aren't a huge challenge once you learn the tracks and how to use the bike. I love the wheelie button, all bikes should have one. :p
  2. Good find

    Cheers :cool:
  3. Pedantic note: that's Director / Shockwave, not Flash.
  4. Bugger, the gods of the OS X Shockwave Player are not pleased with me.
  5. That's a cool little game. Nice graphics.

    But my issue with just about every MC racing game i've played is that the combination of physics and controls just don't feel realistic. For example, steering, braking and throttle in that game are on / off, not analogue; there's nothing about the handling that makes it an MC game rather than a car or go-kart or skateboarding game (except the wheelie button ... )

    I started writing a Flash MC racing game a couple of days ago as a project to practice my Actionscript 3.0 chops. Since I'm not getting paid for it and I'm busy as hell with paid work, who knows if I'll finish it, but the idea is that it'll be top-down 2d with really simplistic graphics, but as realistic an interface and physics engine as I can cook up: separate front & rear brake; analogue controls for throttle, front brake, lean angle; pie chart for both wheels (a la MC Safety Foundation book) showing the available traction, how it's being used and the weight distribution between wheels (with a powerslide / wheelie / lowside or highside waiting in the wings if you exhaust the available traction of a tyre); clutch (careful with those downshifts unless your bike's got a slipper clutch); rider as well as bike lean controls ... though I don't have a plan for the competitor AI at the moment - the first release would probably be just a time trial.

    If I manage to put together a working prototype before I lose interest, I'll post a link in The Future ...
  6. Amen to that :grin:
  7. Have you played Tourist Trophy on PS2? Im pretty sure its the most realistic simulator out there and it sounds like exactly what your looking for.
  8. Nope. I'll check it out, but console games have a pretty limited interface compared to a keyboard + mouse, especially for simulation games (ever used one of those cardboard keyboard overlays for a PC flight sim?). Racing games tend to work a lot better on them than say shooters though.

    This is the control scheme I had in mind - ideas and criticisms most welcome:

    Left hand on the keyboard, right hand on the mouse:
       `  1  2  3  4  5 
       Tab  q  w  e  r  t 
       Caps  a  s  d  f  g  
       Shift  z  x  c  v  b  
    mouse_click   : clutch *
    mouse_wheel   : shift up or down
    * The clutch must be applied unless shifting clutchlessly, or the suspension may
      be upset or the rear wheel locked. Clutchless shifting is all about the throttle ...
    mouse_x       : look left / right *
    mouse_y       : throttle
    * As the road moves, the rider is kept at the edge of the screen, rear end
      pointing offscreen, with the motorcycle pointing in the direction of its
      travel. The mouse's Y axis controls the throttle; the X axis controls where
      the rider is looking, which in turn has an effect on the steering. It also
      determines which edge of the screen the rider is displayed near, which in turn
      determines what can be seen ahead.
    e             : front brake
    d             : front brake HARD
    s             : lean left
    f             : lean right
    a + ( s / f ) : hang off in that direction
    g             : hang off even more
    TAB           : hold to apply rear brake hard. tap to release *
    CAPS          : toggle rear brake
    * If the rear brake is toggled on, tapping tab quickly will release it. Hit Tab
      during a wheelie to modulate the rear brake to stop the bike cartwheeling
    SPACE         : hold to tuck in on straight. Tap to stop hanging off.
    SHIFT + D     : maximum front braking / stoppie ( tap D to modulate brakes ) *
    SHIFT + G     : lean like you've never leaned before.
    w             : shift down
    r             : shift up
    t + ( s / f ) : counterlean ( at low speeds )
    q             : pause
    mouse_2       : context menu
    And since I'm not up to coding good enemy rider AI, and the motorcycle physics may be computationally expensive in the name of expedience and realism, I think it should be set on public roads with slow-moving noddies in cars and trucks and buses everywhere that you can split between instead. A motorcycle courier sim.

    You'd be the only rider. But there'd be surface hazards and cars to worry about and you have packages to deliver to make money to buy new parts for the bike which improve its handling characteristics and ... or you could just piss off from work and go for a scratch in the mountains and dodge the logging trucks.

    Oh and there would be traffic lights, but you could filter to the front if you liked and there'd be no enforcement (just a possible kersplat) if you run red lights. It's not Grand Theft Auto, its about being a fun little game where you're doing things you can't sanely do on the way to work.

    Drivers would usually follow the traffic lights and rules, but have different driving personalities ( soccer mum, road shark, meth-crazed trucker, tired commuter, p-plater bogan and mates ) ...

    You'd choose to start out on either a 50cc scooter, a 250cc inline 4 or a 125cc two-stroke. The scooter would be kind of like a training mode, with no gears to worry about. Once you get some scratch and you can afford to buy new bikes, there's a persistent virtual garage where you keep and service them. Each of the bikes (based on real world models) would have quite different handling characteristics, while upgrades (eg fancy front forks; choice of tyres; aftermarket exhaust; 3rd party EFI computer / custom fuelling maps) would also make a noticeable difference.

    The graphics would be quite simplistic (think atari 2600 but smaller pixels and smoother animation) - but if it's a success you shouldn't care. You'd be too busy trying to remember to be smooth with your control inputs, to keep looking through the corners and to shift your body weight before you turn in, releasing the brakes gently and progressively - or if you're in the city rather than the mountains, maybe you're focusing on feathering the clutch and keeping your revs up and dragging the rear brake a little as you try to balance long enough for the lights to change.

    Yeah - a freeform traffic education / illegal road racing simulation. That could be fun. It's a pretty ambitious project, but I plan to start simple and add complexity gradually so that if I get bored of it before it's all done there's hopefully something interesting and working, even if not "feature complete". If I can push out a working prototype of the basics and it's fun, it should be possible to find someone prepared to pay to have it completed - which would help fund a new bike :)

    So ... does my idea sound like something you could happily while away a lunchtime in front of? Any feedback? There's probably a month of full-time work in it, so now's a good time for suggestions :)

    EDIT: New topic in GD asking for help with the physics for the game:
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  10. Holy shit dude... You'll need a TAFE course to play this thing!
  11. Good little game...... I must admit I'm not too good on games like these any more....
    Anyone else here see as much of the scrub as I did??????? ](*,)

    (Actually got my bike lodged against a TREE and COULDN'T move it!!!!!