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Fun in Thailand on... what else?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flylo, May 10, 2012.

  1. Had some fun in Patong, Thailand recently on the bike. There's some great riding over there if you're willing to jump on the bike. Plenty of traffic, and not too far away are some nice winding roads. I hired a scooter, but there are sportsbikes, harleys, and motards for hire, as you will see.

    Enjoy! I know I did. :grin:

    Finally managed to upload a HD version. Here it is.

  2. I did Phuket on a zx9 back in 2002 --- before that i had only ever ridden s suzuki 125 dirt bike in Africa

    I got dragged of at the lights in Patong buy what looked like a 10 yr old riding a 125cc scooter
  3. nice split at 1:56 haha
  4. Nuts.... I saw a few bike stacks per week there, mainly near bangla rd and around the royal paradise area.

    Ride safe there :)
  5. Watched a teenager with a 'pillion' (who couldn't of been more than seven) on the back wheel, riding a scooter. They both weren't wearing helmets. And by the sound of the bike, it wasn't standard. (y)

    I wish I'd had the camera out at the time. It would of been great footage!!
  6. Haha looks like mad fun
  7. So you can just rock up and hire a decent motard? I've always heard of people doign the scooter thing around there, which doesn't appeal to me at all, but being able to go on a cheap holiday and go cross-country on a decent bike is very appealing!
  8. Something I'd love to do when I have the chance. My only concern is that most travel insurance only covers you on bikes/scoots under 250cc - boring but probably something worth considering if you are going to ride in these places
  9. That was game of you. From what I've heard, the old Phuket "you've broken it, now pay up" jetski scam has moved on to motorcycles...

  10. Ah, a very good point, I'm OS at the moment and remembered seeing that on all the policies I checked out, because I was looking at doing an ATV tour, gave it a miss for that reason..

  11. That looks like awesome fun!
  12. Jeez you get around - same Flylo that posted the epic South america thread on Advrider?
  13. Yes. I got quotes on R1's and Blades, which for one day was about $60AU. You can get them cheaper by hiring them for a longer period. But I didn't hire any of them for the below comment. Also, I was told by another guy over there. That they will hire you a bike, get a couple of guys to follow you. And when you park it, GONE. I was happy just to cruise around on the scooter, and took pictures of the bike from every angle before I hired it. (y)

    No. That's not me. But riding around South America would be awesome. I did go to Bali last year. Here is the vid from there.

  14. Always good fun on a scooter in Thailand, when we go we always at least get one scooter to get around on. Best to get a scooter over a sport bike or motard because everyone has them and noone wants to steal them. So cheap for parts to if something unfortunate does happen.
  15. Here's a short clip from again, Patong, Thailand. I couldn't believe it. And I thought others wouldn't when I told them. So I chased them down with the GoPro.

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  16. I rented various 100c - 135 cc scooters in 2010 from various places in Chiang Mai. I had let my Australian licence lapse, so I was lucky I never had an accident - my insurance would not have covered me. Hardly any rental place actually insures their bikes in any meaningful way, so break it and you'll pay for it. Believe me, theft is a risk - thousands of scooters get stolen each year in Thailand. I always used a disk lock, which discouraged casual thieves - people who really want your bike will pick them up and put them in a pickup. Helmet theft also seems to have become more prevalent recently - a lot of people in CM would leave helmets on their bikes but I've heard several reports recently of helmets being stolen - probably because of a police roadblock around the corner. Good points about my year long time riding bikes there - when I had a flat tyre, it cost hardly anything to fix it, and the rental place actually reimbursed me (after I showed them the receipt), and actual rental costs went down each rental (when they knew the bike was coming back OK at the end of each rental period) - I think at one point I rented a 110cc bike a couple of months for less than $2 per day. I got stopped by the police a couple of times, but never got asked for my licence - would have had to pay them off if they had known I didn't have one. I always wore a helmet, and I think that's the main reason the police mostly left me alone. "Big bikes" in Chiang Mai tend to be clapped out, or (nowadays) newer "big" bikes such as the CB250R - which go for much higher rates. I didn't care that I only rode scooters - bliss was riding on the back roads outside Chiang Mai - a great experience.
  17. There is no way on earth I would hire a sports bike in Phuket.
  18. Recently returned from Patong myself, loved the place, thought about hiring something, but wouldn't dream of riding anything with any sort of power over there though. Rode a scooter a couple of times with a girl on the back, didn't exceed 60km/h and started breaking 1km before I had to lol (breaks are about as good as a pushbike :p).
    Saw at least a dozen cheese ball (most likely Aussie) tourists riding CBR/R1/Gixxers no helmet, no shirt, thongs......?!?! One even had his missus on the back 'trying' to do monos down the busy main strip!

    The locals carrying their baby and small kid on their 110cc Fino's are a sight to behold....but normal to them.

    If I could some how get my bike (hiring a sports bike in phuket usually comes with big risks with scams etc) there and all my gear, I'd love to hit some of the local twisie roads! Very cool roads to be ridden.
  19. I'll be at Le Meridien, Phuket (Patong) from 4th-9th July for some annual leave, R&R, 'sexy times' or whatever else it's called nowadays.
    Hmmm... might have to hire a sportsbike whilst there.....LOL !
    Last time, in Koh Samui, 3 of us hired some cruisers and rode the Island in between shooting at a Rifle/Pistol Range, Hiring out some 100km/hr carts at a go-cart track where even the 'less' powered 60km/hr carts would do serious damage on that tight circuit :)D), and pissed it up, before eventually getting our bearings towards Chaweng Beach.

    Very dangerous around those parts..but loads of fun to be had.

  20. I hear ya Nickers330! Had a go at the rifle/pistol range with an AK47 'lookalike'. It was only .22 calibre, but was still alot of fun. The guys running the show were very relaxed when it came to safety. There was even a gun range in the shopping complex next to our hotel. You can have a meal, and then walk next door to unload with some firearms. Oh Thailand, I miss you already...:cry:
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