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Fun day at home

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RRdevil, May 28, 2013.

  1. Crawling around the roof putting in a fireplace. Everything to spec distances. Still makes me nervous being a metro firefighter previously here in SA. But the wife gets what she wants

  2. Stoking the home fires mate ?
  3. So, if the wifey wants it, is she going to split the wood? BIL wanted a wood heater and promised to get the wood (bush), split it, stack it AND clean the fireplace and do the additional dusting 'cause sister hates wood fires. I'm waiting to see how long the honeymoon lasts....
  4. That's already been offered for later in the night down by the fire. And I don't mind splitting and stacking wood. A little work is good for you.
  5. You need a rug,go for some sort of endangered species.
    McHunt has guns.
    Good luck with getting wood.
  6. How about this?

  7. Funny you say that she actually suggested something like that earlier on too. I just suggested anal. Not a very good response
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  8. Anal---
    Totally normal response,we are talking bears and wood after all.
  9. Like that bear rug (y)skins are good

    That fireplace looks good too @RRdevil ... must be the day for menfolk to be crawling around ceilings except here it was electrics for lights ... thank gawd he got banned ... now he will have time to finish the job :rofl:
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  10. Did I say that? Should have said Greek style
  11. Maxwell Smart ?