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Fun collective nouns for bikes.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by typhoon, May 5, 2007.

  1. Thought we could kick around some names for groups of teh one style of bike.
    A swarm of 250's.
    A glare of cruisers.
    A catch of squids.
    A groan of Ulyssians.
    Come up with something fun for a group of riders or something to do with bikes. This post is fun, tongue in cheek, so please no motorcycling minority groups take offence! :p
    What have you got? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. A buzz of Hornets

    A gang of Bandits
  3. A whine of cbr250rrrrrrrs
    A rumble of harleys
    A brothel of sports bikes. (everyone has a ride, and enjoys themselves but feel guilty later)
  4. A vanity of Harleys

    A Jagdstafflel of BMW's

    A pose of Ducatis

    A headache of Hyosungs

    A clone of Hondas/Suzukis/Yamahas/Kawasakis
  5. Hey! I plan to represent that comment ;)
  6. I :rofl: d :LOL:
  7. Tough, suck it up.......I wrote it, and I already do resemble my own remark when I ride my Duke.. :p :LOL:
  8. a mailbags worth of ct110s
  9. A handbag of Acrosses??
  10. A scabbard of Spadas
    A blitzkreig of BMWs
    A shopping bag of scooters
    A sled load of Huskies (Husquvanas)

    and on a slightly different (medical) subject
    A Carvery of Surgeons
    A Spread of Gynecologists
    A Supporting Cast of Orthopaedic Surgeons
    A Buttload of Proctologists
    An Insanity of Psychiatrists
    A Growth of Oncologists
    A Hive of Allergists

  11. An espresso of ducatis
  12. A Mortgage of MV's
  13. A rust of harleys
    A battle of streetfighters
  14. A cutting of rgv250s?

    or a foul of rgv250s

    A vacum of cbr250rrs

    a trail of hyosungs (after this sunday)

    a stie of BMWs?

    a darkness of triumphs (Lucas equipped ones)

    how about a whored of 250's (again everyone's thrashed the crap out of them before you get your turn)

    A mono of R1s

    A hernia of manx nortons

    A stupor of scooters
  15. Is a leak a group of Hardleys or Ducks?
  16. I believe that would be triumphs also

    Edit; if they bear any resembelance to british cars
  17. I think their actually called a slick
  18. A rattle of Ducatis
    A royal wave of enfields
    A crash of 250s
    A wank of choppers
  19. Listen up! Ducatis don't leak!!! But their riders might after one too many, "Iced half-caf ristretto quad grande two pump rasberry two percent no whip light ice with bar caramel drizzle three and a half pump white mocha's,"
  20. Too much caffiene, maybe try the decaf? :eek:hno: