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Fully worked harly's vs Gsx650f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. My mates have been raving about how fast there harly's are, ''it will blow your jap shitter of the road'', typical banter that goes around, no arguement from me ,this has been going on for ages , who am i to tell the boys their fully worked 1580cc + harly can't out do a 650 japa. I thought i had the goods but I was'nt sure myself to be honest.
    I know these harlys are quick because they sound like they are. Lumpy cams, big exhaust , hyperchargers,ect .
    So i lined up a lunch meet the other day, i said you blokes meet at work and we'll ride out to lunch about 50min run knowing full well that its going to be on, ego's and pub brag stories are on the line.Bear in mind if i lose i will have to find another pub to drink at. :oops:
    Side by side rolling start, i nailed it with all she had red lining the first 5 gears, the rear wheel shaking on every change ,on takeoff the boys are close, the noise they were making was louder than 747 taxing down the runway, the suckers could'nt pass me or keep up.They were about 100m behind when i looked. Won the rolling start with no problem.
    So then i diverted them to the twisties because apparently when you spend shit loads of cash on harly suspension they handle better than a jap bike. They had no chance of catching me through the twisties ,not far behind though.Thats probably due to my ability more than anything as these boys have been riding for 20 years or so.Two out of two.
    So we get to the cafe get of the bikes im smiling and one of the moments where silence is deafining and the first thing said by one of the boys '' yer...my harly needs a wheel alignment ...its not running right'' and then from another ''i'm buying a R1 next week''.
    But I will make sure we never have another race again !! I catch up with boys down at the pub a few nights later , were all sitting around and not one word had been mentioned about our little episode a few days ago to the other blokes. :wink:

  2. Anyone that buys a harley because they think it competes in almost any performance metric with a sportsbike is an idiot. They're nice looking, nice sounding cruisers, and the chickies love them, but they're arse jewellery, not performance machines.

    Old harleys are like classic old cars - shitters compared to the new ones but reminiscent of the olden days. New harleys are like classic old cars that are somehow still being built today.
  3. :LOL:

    It's funny 'cause it's true :p
  4. Even more poetic because they would've spent four or five times what you spent on your "Jap shitter" on all their "performance mods", and still they can't even keep up with one of the more sedate budget commute/touring mid-capacity bikes on the market.

    Still, there are "Harley" drag bikes out there that'll kill pretty much anything else in a straight line. I put "Harley" in quotes, because while the original bike in the long distance past may have started out as a Harley, there are pretty much no parts left on said drag bikes are actually manufactured by H-D except for maybe the crankcases, and instead they are purely custom purpose-built machines.

    Still, Harley's are what they are. Chrome dripped cruiser bikes in a frame and style that was "modern" about 80 years ago. Just like an old vintage car, yes, you can make it go decently fast if you gradually replace pretty much every part on it such that you can no longer recognise the vehicle that it originally once was except for the rough shape, but it's still no match for a modern machine.
  5. There is a street registered Harley that lives around the corner from me that does low 10's on the drag strip (he takes it there semi-often).

    I have no idea how much it's cost him, but it *is* faster in a straight line than my Bandit 1200 :(
  6. But slower than a stock standard late model liter bike.
  7. the dyna, with the S&S innit, would cane your spewzuki in a straight line. it keeps up with the cbr1kf to 200ish.
  8. So did my stock standard 1980's GPZ900R, with an expert pilot,
    and if you can find one still running you can buy it for around
    $2000. That won't even buy
    a set of decent brakes for a HD. You can buy a FZR1000 like mine for
    about $3000 (late '80s) that will do mid 10's, with joe average on board
    and no mods.

    :LOL: :LOL:

    And there is nothing wrong with liking that, as long as the owner
    doesn't think it is performance machinery. I have an old classic car and
    it is roomy, comfortable, and smooth to drive. But it wallows around
    corners at anything more than grandpa pace, brakes gradually,
    and don't ask it to accelerate any faster than a gentle nudge.
    Much like a HD really.
    So I can understand liking a HD, but I can't understand thinking it is
    performance machinery.

  9. aV1FuScS.
  10. Whats the differance between a Harley and a Horse.???
    One has saddle bags No brakes stops all the time and needs a trailer to be taken home ..
    The other ones a Horse..lol

  11. QFTT! :LOL:
  12. Something like this you mean
    (If you charged 2-3 times what it's actually worth ;)).
  13. No, I've got the biggest dick.
  14. :?: :shock: :?: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey, no way am I saying that I am the fastest as a substitute for
    anything, I got no need for a substitute :cool: I'm just saying there's
    a lot of performance available cheap, IF people are willing to open their
    eyes and consider a wider range of choices, because I love well-designed
    and well-made technology. There's a kind of beauty in it.

    And we are talking about hardware here, not about rider skill.
    There is ALWAYS someone faster. Even if you're Rossi and
    you've won 7 championships, sooner or later there is someone faster.
    I've been on a 250 and beat sports 1100's,
    but I've been on a sports 1000 and been beaten by old
    guys on classic pre-jap machines who knew the road and their bikes.
  15. It wasn't so much aimed at you, but more the thread in general.

    Hardleys are good launchers, because of there weight, low centre of gravity, long wheelbase, bottom end grunt and small suspension travel.

    Once rolling, top speed and corners they just can't cut the mustard.
  16. Heres one for the old guys ...
    S.Hari under 2 minutes at phllip island on a 1924 Indian scout with ridgid rear end and bad drum brakes 159.8 ...You really can go fast if you have the skills on anything ...We wont however talk about how much oil was left on the track afterwards...
  17. My dad usually comes home from his bike meeting once a month bragging about how he blew the arse off some Harley's on his 400 Ninja import :LOL:. My uncle has a HD Fatboy, and when dad first showed him his Ninja, my uncle said something like "I prefer my Harley". He offered my dad a ride, though honestly, I think he doesn't even want to ride the $30,000 HD, dad prefers the $2500 Ninja. Me? I prefer trail bikes, or motards
  18. Harleys or Choppers dont have that great power. Its all torque from the bloody big capacity V-Twin. Thats why they can chalk it up soo easy as sportsbikes power is more top end, more revs equals more speed. A sportsbike would own a harley in a second.

    But i love my choppers, not for there reliability and carburation but sound, and women love em..
  19. 'Harleys' people! Or possibly 'Hardlys'. But *never* 'harly's' or 'Harley's' - unless they belong to a bloke named Harley.
  20. [/quote]'Harleys' people! Or possibly 'Hardlys'. But *never* 'harly's' or 'Harley's' - unless they belong to a bloke named Harley.

    Your not a school teacher by any chance bravus? :wink: