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Fully sick, hecktic story.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Before reading this fully sick story, read the forum Ha ha ha ha! in General discussion, or you wont get it...

    Mate, youse full wont believe what hapened to me yesterday morning, no bulls*$t bro...
    Youse know how I got that R1, right, well I was, like, running from the cops and stuff, like, goin 300 kph on the ring road, the other night, and every time I went to pop sick, fully hecktic mono's I felt my back wheel like, drift, you know?
    So I take it down to the same shop that fitted that secret turbo under my plastic bodykit, or whateva its called , you know the carbon fibre one, to get some new tyres.
    I did, like, a massive sick burnout near the shops, and there were like, hot chicks and stuff that fully wanted me, and I got, like, fifteen numbers...
    But anyway, I did doghnuts til my wheel popped, and took it to the shop, and I had to be careful not to, like, scratch my nickel plated rims, you know?
    Anyway, there was this other hot chick there, and she was, like, nice bike you know, so I'm talking to her and telling her, like, how fast I am and how I fully race and stuff. The b*$%h was like, in love with me bro, after I showed her my old tyre, like, she was ready for me, you know, asking for my number and stuff, when the skippy mechanic comes out and gives me my bike back. The d*$khead put like, dirty fingerprints and stuff, and I was going to, like, bash him, but its OK cos he's the one that fitted that NOS tank thats hidden under my seat that no-one can see.
    He's telling me, like to not go fast and be careful cos the tyre is new and it'll slip, but I like it slippery, so I can, like, do fully hecktic drifts. So I go to take off, right, and the bikes going crazy, like, he must have tuned it and turned up my turbo like I asked, and its doing full doughnuts up the road. I wasnt ready, and it hit boost, and becouse the skippy mechanic left grease and oil and stuff on my wheel, I had to stack it at like 120 k's bro..
    It was hecktic, Im fully sliding down the road, but its OK cos I got that Valentino Rossi suit that my sponsors gave me, so its ok. I did, like, three grands damage, so Im going to do an insurance job, like, pull all the exhaust and neons off and get my cousin Gino to go dump it at footsgray shops.
    I need something faster anyway, 'cos it wouldnt get the front wheel up past, like, 320 k's. I'll get a Busa or something, and put a turbo on it, and I'ttl be ok until something faster comes out. I need like, two engines bro, cos I can handle it... Anyway, Im going for a coffee, anyone want to meet on chapel for some chap-laps?

  2. :LOL: Fully!

    You weren't down at GP to see the bussa with a worse tyre burn than that :LOL:
  3. nice.
    but you forgot to mention your custom tanned-leather woofer stack on the pillion seat and the tweeters fixed to your dash, next to that second shift light. and when you park your bike outside your fairfield apartment you chain it up with a 2-inch thick solid gold chain that your uncle gave you for your 21st. Bro.
  4. That was fully sick mate,

    5 out out of 5 kebabs for that effort.

    Sad thing is, it prob aint all that far away from the truth....
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: fully hectic bro!! i schwear those bloody skippy mech's are working fo tha po-lice bra
  6. O MA GGAAAAWWWWDDDDD dat was a fully hecktic story that like i really liked it bro, next time u at chapel gimme a buzz and ill shout ya a kebab at lamb on chapel for being such a fully hektic sick C*NT!!!

    funny **** :p
  7. fully bro, like its totally like my story bro,

    i was down chapel and i sees like some skippy yobbo in his ford xr8 turbo and im like hey bro you wish you had my busa bro you wish.
    and i destroyed the loser, jus like rossi bro, i mean you know gotta be careful cos i'm still on my l's bro, but i bought a busa cos im a mad rider bro and jus watch out bro cos im gonna be on tha motogp soon bro
  8. too many bro's, bro.
  9. nah bro, coz im like the sickest bro, so like if ya's wanna take me on come to coburgs or prestons and i;ll like kung fu yas bro