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Fully enclosed bike cover

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by proxemic, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Hi

    I was flicking through the junkmail the other day and saw an awesome enclosed cover for 99 bucks. The junkmail is now gone and for the life of me I cant remember where it was for sale.

    I've been to repco autobarn and a bike shop the closest thing i found was the capsule enclosed cover but this one was more like a tent with a single zip running down the middle. If anyone knows wtf i'm talking about any help would be great. cheers.
  2. We have them sitting on the shelf at work :)

    You open them up, ride onto the base then zip the thing up and it mummifies the bike ;)
  3. if you dont mind me asking.... where do you work? :LOL:
  4. I work for a wholesaler. I'll grab some info for you on Monday and post it up.
  5. excellent, thanks vic. that should sort out ken's chrissie pressie :p
  6. "I've been to repco autobarn and a bike shop the closest thing i found was the capsule enclosed cover"

    WOW thanks for the heads up with that CAPSULE link matey ;D

    little miss no goodie english me finks :shock:
  7. Hey proxemic, I read pretty good english... me finks :roll:
  8. Will the 14 fit without a problem ??
  9. meh im just trying to get 20 posts up so i can pm

    hahaha what a saddie :(
  10. I'm fairly certain it will, the diamensions are 2.7mt long, 1.52mt high & 0.68mt wide.
  11. Cool, well i think i may have to get one if they arent to pricey.. :shock:
  12. $189 at most bike shops and autobarn, on ebay too just type in capsule ;)
  13. Why would you need or want one?

    You lost your license for an extended period of time huh?! :LOL:

  14. Are you looking in a mirror as you type MG?? :p
  15. I saw those covers in a catalog too, I have a feeling it was in a Bunnings catalog. cant promise though. it was either there or some other hardware warehouse..
    Looked like a great idea. and not a bad price compared to other covers
  16. well in case anyone still cares it was repco, not a bad cover completely enclosed with a front tent like zipper i think it was about $115 in the catalogue just before xmas.