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Full twin 2 1/2 inch S/S 2002 R1 exhaust project.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by eb six on boost, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. hi, im pretty new to the bike scene but have been hotting up my cars for some years at home, so now the times come to change the dime a dozen yoshi pipe on my 02 r1.

    ive chosen to go undertail style for a more streamlined look and twin 2 1/2 inch stainless pipes from the headers back, thus removing the exup.
    yeah i know i will lose heaps of NM but im after a nice deep note and a one of a kind sound and look.

    by dolling some 2 1/2 inch tube ive made the collectors already, which will be two into one.

    i have already bought all the parts needed, may need a foot more of pipe.
    bought a muffler from new zealand thats made for a car.
    its sizes are; 2 1/2 inch inlet and baffle and 3 inch tips and the bodies are 4 1/2 inch diameter. cost me $100 brand new.
    also got 8 x 45deg bends and 4 foot of stainless for under $200.

    before i started i got some all in one, led rear lights from usa to get rid of the mr potatoe head ear indicators.

    what ive done so far.......(only started it this week)........

    ive cut the muffler inlets off as it was one pipe into the two cannons.
    welded on the mounting brackets which locate on the gear sack rack mounts.
    aslo welded under the mufflers a bracket to mount the number plate and plate light.
    made the collectors and started some pipe work.

    i will be making the collector flange at work this week if time permits.

    ive attached some photos of the pieces so far.
    the coloured tape on the pipes is just for me to know which goes where.
    they are also so to get pumped out tommorow at an exhaust shop, as these will be the sleeve fittings. two on each pipe, one will be where the std one is done plus one on the front of mufflers.

    will post more pics when i get some more done.


    Mod edit, only 3 pics per post allowed, but you can link the rest.. :cool:
  2. Is looking good... :cool:

    Although could you please trim your post down to 3 pics as per T&C's.

    Only allowed 3 pics per post and you can link the rest.. Thanks.. :grin:
  3. sorry, i didnt know about a pic limit.
    i dont know how to link them also
  4. very...very cool
  5. Is all good, i have fixed it.. :grin:
  6. Looks very nice, very unique.

    Always like to see people doing their own custom work. Especially when it's accompanied with lots of pictures :p.
  7. mmm, given how much a Staintune costs for the Hornet, perhaps you may be up for another custom job when you're done, hmm???
  8. hey fellas, i took an rdo today as i was getting angry only being able to do 1 hr a night working on the exhaust.
    its now completed minus the endless hours of buffing now to come :(

    its got a really deep note and a mean bark when you first twist the throttle.
    its alittle louder than the yoshi when riding but its heaps louder on idle.
    i downloaded a new map of the power commander, picked out the one for a full leo race system with open pipes.
    not sure if swapping to that program made it smoother as i only did about 20ks with both programs.
    power is still enough to pick the front up pretty easy but when it hits 9thou................. than it really starts so move.
    i think its making atleast 5hp more up top with the big pipes.
    will know forsure when i get the ignition module and get a custom tune done.
    but i wasnt after power anyway, wanted a good note.

    will get some pics of it up in the next day or so......i hope

    fingers crosses my new stator is waitng at work tomorrow so i can go for a long ride.

    im waiting for my mate to come ride it so i can hear it on the road.
  9. thats hella!!!

    looks weird, but frickin awesome!!!!!

    nice work man, and neat welds too.
  10. Looks shiny.

    Got a video/sound-clip of it in action?