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Full-Time Scooter Rider (Look at this)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Guest, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Now, I saw this guy on his scoot on the way to work the other day. Now if this is no a dedicated scooter rider, then I don't know what is. Just cause you cant see his legs... It is a full suit, not just jacket. Seen any other full suit scoots?


  2. i saw a scooter rider wearing a full dinner suit including red bow tie riding around albert park lake yesterday, does that count? :)
  3. ive seen scooter riders in full race leathers before :) not just at the scooterthon either :p
    its nice they are taking an interest in their saftey but it does look funny :LOL:
    hey if you see them in less gear you make fun of them anyway... its a lose lose situation!
  4. I have a full Alpinestar suit also, but I didn't buy that for the scooter but for my CBR. I am very tempted to wear it on the scooter to get some practice on peg scraping through the hills, but too embarassed to actually wear it. Maybe one day.....

    Good on this guy, and even better to see that he is from SA.
  5. Hey not as funny as it sounds since they now make scoots as big as 600cc
  6. And now 850 cc

    Gilera GP 800
  7. I suggest those who bag scooters go test ride a 500cc maxi-scooter !!
    My Scarebeo experience last weekend has changed my thoughts on those maxi-scooters . . . they are friggen quick !!!

    Talking about scooter riders wearing full riding gear.
    There is one guy here in Sydney like that, he has draggins urban camos on, A*s boots, leather jacket with hump, dark visor helmet . . . .

    He rides around on a silver Majesty400 !! Fully sick in his riding gear . . .
  8. I don't care how many cc's its got, it is still a scooter haha :cool:
  9. Never seen such a sight in Melbourne before :LOL: :LOL:

    A Scooter is a scooter mate :grin:


    WTF is that horrid lookin thing? :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Coming in late to this topic 'cause I've only just registered with Netrider. I reckon the rider is smart. Scoots go just as fast as bikes in built up areas and they are just as susceptible to idiots on four wheels. Ever come off a scooter? I have. Short sleeve shirt; shorts; harassed by a 4WD; turned off into gravel at speed; rear wheel slipped out and down I went. Picked gravel out of my elbow for the next four weeks and it took ages for the torn ligament in my shoulder to heal. It only ever happened once but boy it hurt when it did happen. Be smart, be safe, be alive.
  11. I ride a 50cc (for another month until I get my 250 license), and I ride in full gear - leather jacket, full faced helmet, alpinestar gloves, army/work boots, draggins. It all paid off last Thursday when I hit the ground rather hard. One of my gloves is a bit grazed and my visor lost a screw, but I only needed a couple of bandaids.

    I also appreciate the gear a whole lot more at night and in the wet. I have a balaclava for when it gets cold and windy too. When you're riding for an hour in five degree weather it really makes a difference.
  12. not to mention if you dont' have the right gear on, you are spending much more time shivering, sweating, or simply thinking about how terrible the weather is, and not concentrating on the road.

    Not to mention being too cold will slow your reaction time.
  13. Maybe someone should tell the dude on the 50cc Bolwell I saw on Portrush Rd last night that his leather AlpineStars jacket would work MUCH better if it was zipped up ... :roll:
  14. I was just so pleased to see a local bloke wearing closed shoes on his scooter this week. SOMEHOW he was managing to wear thongs in the middle of winter. So dangerous and I can't imagine how cold he would have been (an additional distraction and danger.)
  15. Man I see so many scooter riders in shorts, T-shirts, thongs, etc I just figured most of them.

    A. Have never come off on the road.
    B. Dont know any better.
    C. Are just plain stupid.

    Either way I would'nt care but for the fact that with the increase in scooter sales & riders so the accident and injury rate of these inexperienced and unprotected wankers will increase and the statistics will get added to the total motorcycle figures. This will be jumped on by the media and Mr and Mrs Average will read the papers and see the news reports and think we are all a mob of crazies and the Government will have to halt this carnage on our roads and order the police to crackdowns etc and generally make our lives even more difficult than they already are.
  16. KevS I agree in part, but it's not all scooters squidding it out there. I think that 50cc riders should have to get a motorcycle license, and that would help arrest it. A bit.

    But having said that, I see plenty of "real motorcycle" riders squidding it, too.

    I only got my Ls this weekend (yay for me! In 40 degrees plus!!) but on my way to the range I saw a bloke riding a motorbike in shorts and thongs with what appeared to be a dirty doona draped over his legs for protection. (Yech. On so many levels.)
  17. Yes I know there are plenty of (as you put it) "Real Motorcycle" riders Squidding it and we all know they are idiots, but thats not the point, the point I was trying to make is that Scooter sales have gone absolutely ballistic this year and it seems the majority of these people have'nt the slightest idea about safety or the need for protective gear, now I dont know if that is because alot of them have had no formal training/licencing or if they just consider it uncool to wear proper protective gear, but the end result with all these axtra scooters on the road will be that the injury and fatality rates will go up and these figures will all be added to the Motorcycle statistics which in turn will make us all look bad
  18. kevS.... you might be surprise to know that the deaths and injuries in the scooter category of motorcycle is actually amazingly low. So far this year there has been 1 scooter death and that was while he was stationary at the traffic light and got hit behind by a van. No protection would have safed him.

    I am on the Motorcycle Safety Task Force that advices the Minister, I do share your concern but I also know there is a misconception out there about scooter rider safety.

    I do agree that there is a culture and lifestyle of less protection that goes with scooter riding. It's a Roman thing and we are doing our best to kerb that. But we also need the help of everyone. We can't change their culture and thinking when they are constantly teased by bikers, hence alienating them and making them even more ignorant to riding safety, riding manners and riding savvy. So nod or give them a thumbs up next time you see a scooter rider. :) Encourage them to be more involved in the riding community.

  19. Hi Anthony, Thanks for your response and yes I am amazed that the fatality rate is "amazingly low" and that is great, it just concerns me the amount of scooter riders I see with little or no protective attire, personally I would never Tease anyone for being smart and wearing the correct protective gear, but I will take your advise and encourage any other rider be them on scooters or bikes.
  20. Well, I was of the same thinking right up to when I bought my second scooter and signing up here. I thought that a helmet, jeans, sneaker and a fleecy k-mart shirt was enough protection for riding a scooter.

    But a couple of the bikers here on this forum convinced myself to invest in a decent Rjay's jacket, rivet gloves and upgrade to a better quality flip front full face helmet. While I still only wear hard yakka/jeans, Im still a darn sight safer than what I used to be.

    Besides. Dickhead car drivers are less likely to get into a punch up with a guy wearing a full face, reinforced jacket, gloves and steel caps. You can tell them what a DH they are no matter how big they are!