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Full sized "sportbike"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have read through the archives and googled.

    I've been riding my VTR for months now, and it has been going well, I ride every day and have racked up the KMs. I've been able to ride the new yamaha R125 for a week and I enjoy the riding position and think I will prefer the sportbike type of bike in future.

    I am 80kg and yes the yamaha lacks torque compared to my VTR but it is quite fun. What 'learner legal' bike should I get from now until my full license (in 12 months) if I want to get used to the full sized sport bike? The Ninja 250 and Honda 250 are tiny bikes for me, and their tyres are comparable to my mountain bike (LOL). I am slightly over 6'.

    I was thinking of a hyosung GT650... but I hear Suzuki have a good one? Which one is it? SV400? I am after a sportier riding position as most of my travel is on main roads at around 7-80kmh, and when I get my fulls I'd like to get a 600 e.g. Gsxr, r6, ninja etc.

  2. SV400 wasn't officially imported here so you wont see them around.

    So you want to get used to the riding position? Just stick some racing clippons onto the vtr and combine that with decent tyres.

    If you want to make the best of it, throw in a compatible sportsbike shock and replace the springs and oil in front shocks.

    Dont both about power mods, but could lower gearing slightly.
  3. I am slightly under 6’ and also 80 kg.
    I spent 4 years on a ZZR250, and it was always comfortable.
    Have you considered the GSX650FU if you want to go the full LAMs option.
    I know neither are complete head down ar$e up sports bikes, but they both have merit.
  4. dont go the hyosung, if u have the cash, go the ninja 650, or a honda rv400
  5. Thanks, did you mean the ninja 250
    i had a look at the rv400, it is quite dear !

    the Yamaha 125 is slow... and sounds like a scooter
    its really a sheep in wolf's clothing...
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  7. Think he means er6f aka 650 ninja. I'd get the SV650S over that though if you're wanting sporty
  8. The ninja 650 is the go.

    Great looking bike, andits a sports touring riding prosition, which is perfect because its not to extream.
  9. yeah +1 on the SV
  10. The seating position is closer to tourer than sports thats for sure [on the er6f]. I found them way too high. Can always stick flatbars or clippons on them though. Thats one of the reasons I'd recommend the SV over the er6f if you're wanting something more sporty (although the SV is still only a sports tourer of course)
  11. Hey guys,
    sorry I am really newb. Can you post a pic of what the Suzuki and the Kawa ninja looks like?

    I am cross referencing the LAMS list and bikesales.com.au and i'm not sure if I am looking at the correct bike you guys are talking about.

    This is from the LAMS list for Kawa:

    Make Model Variant Name Year Capacity
    ER-650C ER-6nL 2009 649
    ER-650C ER-6nL ABS 2009 649
    EX400 GPX 400R 1987-94 399
    EX650C Ninja 650RL 2009 649
    EX650C Ninja 650RL ABS 2009 649

    What is the "EX650A"? I see that one on bikesales.com.au, but it is not on the LAMS list
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  14. nope, Ninja 650RL, can also be de restricted
  15. no wonder why i couldnt find the 650RL on bikesales, its 2010 brand new only...
    What is the difference between that and the 600 "Ninja"?
  16. 600 ninja is a supersport, 650rl ninja is a lams bike, has the er6 engine, lot less power