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Full Mask Helmets, Winters & Fogging up?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Lazy Libran, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Been riding for about 2 weeks now. Also rode to work in the morning a few times and having issues with the helmet fogging up when stationery.

    If I leave the visor up, its cold and if I leave it down, the cold air coming through the vents doesnt fix the fog quickly. Open visor also (as you all know) makes the whistling sound which starts to irritate after a while.

    Bought a breath guard yesterday but that was made almost Zero difference to the issue.

    So for the time being, at every red light or crawling traffic, I unlock the visor and open it and when traffic starts to move, then I close the visor and lock it.

    I'm using a Shoei TZ-X helmet and all the vents are open when riding. Apart from this issue, I love the helmet and is great when on freeway etc.

    Am I doing something wrong? Suggestions/Feedback please?
  2. Nope. Seems like you've mastered it.
    Apart from just maybe "crack" your visor open a tad.

    Visor fog, it's my #2 pet hate when it comes to the bike.

    (#1 is not having a bike after crashing :LOL:)
  3. I can tell you one solution that didn't work for me. I applied an RJays stick-on thing to my visor. Kinda like a cheap version of a Pinlock insert. It made zero difference.


  4. Get yourself a visor insert, works like a charm......
  5. I have used cat crap and think its great but I cant seem to find it anymore.
    I have also used dishwashing Liquid which works for me. Rub a little on the inside of the visor and then wipe off the excess. Its not great, and I usually have to reapply it every second day, but its is better than nothing.
  6. You're doing it wrong ;)

    Mine worked well for about a year, but now its come unstuck along one edge, so it is useless. I'd get another one, but I think a pinlock will be a more permanent solution if it works as well.
  7. Pinlock insert is the best accessory I have bought for my bike.

    The day after it was fitted, I yawned the whole way to work, Just a ring of fog around the edge, clear views.

    I have a TZ-R.

    If you need the visor wih holes, make sure they sell you the right one, I had a Warehouse that sells helmets try and sell me a different visor, and tell me it was normal to be very noisy, they wont take it back if I am not happy.

    I rode 15 minutes from Yagoona to MCAS at Auburn, they ordered on in and bought it from them.

    Shampoo every 2 or 3 days, wiped over and polished in helps also, and practise breathing, out with you mouth blowing down(feels stupid though).
  8. Just search Pinlock Shoei on "fleabay". I bought from the UK guys.

    Coincidentally, I started using half mask this morning, it's not so much visor-fog prevention, more to avoid the frozen chin/jaw syndrome!
  9. Can anyone confirm what the Shoei part number is for a clear visor with pinlock fittings, I am thinking it is CF-1V, as my current visor, minus the pinlock is a CX-1V

    Note that this is for a TZ-R model..
  10. When I lived in the UK, I always had this insert stuck on my visor.
    Sticks on the inside.. is transparent plastic.
    Works surprisingly well to prevent fogging, but it also increases glare from headlights a little bit.

    It glues itself on, so if you take it off you get a ring of crap stuck to the visor, but you can probably get it off.. Would be better to just buy a second visor, maybe a tinted one for summer, and a clear one with the anti-fog thing stuck on it for winter..
  11. I never bother to lock my visor! Much easier to have free movement to push it up/down/adjust-by-a-few-mm whenever I'm riding.
  12. On my tag for TZ-R, the packet says CX-1V with pin. Mcleods accesories are the importer and have the book on their site.
  13. Yes I can now confirm it is a CX-!v with pinlock, as I now have one & the matching pinlock anti-fog insert, will let you know how well it works..
  14. You may find this thread handy...

    I use ProGrip inserts...No pinlock required. (y)!
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  16. Try not to breath through your nose, it usually helps. Or get a moto helmet and wear ski-goggles.
    Speaking of ski goggles I can tell you from my experience with them that once your original anti-fog goes you're pretty screwed. Haven't tried that catcrap stuff.
  17. Verdict is, it works a treat, very happy with the pinlock anti-fog visor, could actually keep my visor completely closed even when sitting at the lights.

    It does obscure your vison just a tiny bit, instead of a nice clean visor that usually gets dirtied by various suicidal bugs, you can see there is a something there, its nothing bad really & I am sure I will get used to it soon, but it is there..
  18. I wear a TZ-R and use the lever on the side which cracks the visor open by 2 to 3mm. The only problem is when it rains lets drops inside. Otherwise good.