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Full license new bike

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  1. Andrew West submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Full license new bike

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  2. Nice looking bike mate, it's on my short list as well.
  3. Not that I've ridden or experienced many other bikes to compare it with, but I can tell you it's been an absolute joy to ride and get to know this bike. Just before xmas I took a run down to Melbourne and it performed exactly how I was hoping it would on a long run. As for the riding position, well let's just say I couldn't have been more relaxed/comfortable.
  4. Congrats on the new ride. Congrats also on your choice of colour - that burnt orange is tasty.
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  5. Thanks and yes the colour has definitely grown on me, at first I thought hmmmmm orange ! but now a few weeks on I still look at it and couldn't imagine it being any different colour :cool:
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  6. Looks good in my rear vision mirror too!
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  7. Congrats on the new bike :)
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  8. Love it!!!
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  9. Great looking bike . I have the 650 version and Luv it.
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  10. pffft... orange... it's like the diluted version of red... :p

    it looks so comfy to ride and the way you throw it around it obviously is a joy to ride - or do you just make it look easy?
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  11. Yeah I love it, more than enough bike for me and ticks all the boxes for someone that is still learning the game. I think riding within your comfort zone is what makes it look easy not that there's anything wrong with giving it a 'squirt' when it's appropriate to do so :whistle:
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