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Full License - Check. New Bike - Check. What a mad day!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smidge, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. The alarm went off unusually early this morning, so i could head down to the RTA (ticket number 004) and got my full license. Then after disposing of the 4 wheeled transport i headed over to the sellers place to take delivery of my brand new (old) FZ6s!

    I'm not sure the panniers will stay for my daily commute but will come in very handy on the long trips.

    enough talk, here's a photo!


    first impressions is that a inline 4 cyl is VERY different to a vtwin, haven't taken it past 8k yet but really enjoy the riding position and 'newness' of it compared to my VTR...

    very happy, can't wait to take it out for a proper ride!
  2. Honestly, a beautiful bike.
    Enjoy :grin:
  3. That looks like a wheelie machine. Don't load it too much or it could tip! haha

    Great! Have fun!
  4. That's a nice looking bike. You'll love the space with that luggage set too. Very nice, enjoy.
  5. wow thats a lot of baggage!!! bike looks schmick as, enjoy and grats.
  6. Welcome to the world of the FZ6. I have no doubt you will love it.
  7. #04?

    Clearly not keen enough if there were 3 people in front of you!

    Looks good tho, did you keep the VTR?
  8. jnice bike mate :D
  9. Congrats Smidge. Very nice bike too.
  10. Nice man, nice.

    I have only 9 days until I go for my P's, then, assuming I pass, a further 365 days for a full licence.

    374 Days to go :LOL: Thats under Nine thousand hours.........

  11. Lachlan, the last week is the WORST! I got my P's on Feb 25th but didn't get my ass over to the RTA until a week later, so even though i'd been a year since my test, i had to wait a week.. felt like waiting christmas as an 8 year old kid!

    Thanks for the replies guys, really enjoying the smoothness of the i4. Sold the VTR to another netrider last week, haven't heard any bad news from him so all seems well!

    awesome to have a proper sized bike with good brakes and power and linear power

    that said, going above 8k on this thing in any gear is pretty rediculous and i NOW understand how people lose their licenses on these things! (And this is SLOWER than an R6, R1 etc...) Going to be a bit of effort controlling that wrist..
  12. congratu-ma-lations
  13. Sweet, sweet machine you have there smidge, congrats :beer: .
  14. After a clean, and a pannier removal session

  15. when i read the first line I thought someone was wanting to pinch your ride
  16. VERY nice bike. Sporty and practical, perfect.
  17. Looks Great !
  18. Awesome machine! :grin:

    Almost ended up with one myself when i came off restrictions. Hope you have lots of fun on it and be sure to PM me about any rides you'll be going on because it looks like we're local. :LOL:

    Be sure to do plenty of wheelies to appease the motorcycling gods. :wink:
  19. Cleans up very nicely. Yes, inline 4's do have a nice feel to them :wink: